Kim (theamyrlin) wrote,


I thought I would repost a link to this. It is the video I helped to make a couple of years ago in remembrance of September 11. (Windows media player format, 8MB).

I, unfortunately, could not post yesterday because of how busy I was. My day consisted of checking my e-mail (finding out that it was D. H. Lawrence's birthday), getting ready for church (which included actually planning the lesson I was going to teach), going to church, eating Sunday dinner with my fam, going to another church meeting, and not getting home until about 8:45 PM.

By the time I go home, I felt pretty miserable -- physically. It was probably because I accidentally ran over my foot while getting out of my van. There's a pretty good chance it might be broken. I'm getting x-rays tomorrow.

I can't feel my foot, obviously, but when there's something wrong, my body always lets me know. Last night it was the giant headache. I decided not to go to school today because of it.

So, now I'm home, and watching Arrested Development season one which I bought on DVD last Friday.
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