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Can someone tell me how to make sure that communities won't show up on my friends page?

Also, I just finished Grey's Anatomy. Yikes! I can't actually make a decision on who I hate more: Meredith or Derek. Anyone who went to high school (or has watched the first three seasons of Buffy) knows that you can NEVER stay friends with someone you have deep feelings for. That's why I think that Meredith is moronically stupid -- she knew she was making a bad decision and thought it would work. If she is supposed to be "smart" I don't think she would have done that. I don't think that Derek ever had those delusions while he was remaining "just friends." He was obviously still trying to hook up with her in case things went south with Addison. For that, he is malicious and not moronic. At this point, I can't tell what bothers me more: stupidity or meanness. Also, I think that Ellen Pompeo is not only a terrifically bad actress, but also too old looking to be believably considered a peer to George, Christina, or Izzie. She looks very obviously mid-thirties (whether or not that is actually true).

So, that's what I have been up to.

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Yeah, most of us really are not fond of the Mer/Der. And the whole "let's be friends and share custody of a dog!" was the dumbest plan ever.

So glad you're all caught up! Yay!

That whole stupid dog thing was completely nonsensical. Didn't the dog also belong to Izzie? I hated it every time Meredith said "Its OUR dog, Derek. OUR dog!" Shut up, Meredith!

You could (a) filter them out, or (b) add this ?show=P to the end of your friendslist url, like so: http://theamyrlin.livejournal.com/friends?show=P

I agree with your Grey's assessments! Meredith is supposed to be 25, which is the biggest WTFE in history. I have tons of issues with Derek/Meredith, and since she is supposed to be young, I can accept her stupidity a little more than his calculated horndog evilness. He's obviously MUCH older than her, which is problematic, as well as her boss, and it's so much more ridiculous when you remember how much he doggedly pursued her during the last season when she pointedly told him it was a bad idea. I HATE HIM SO MUCH. Ugh.

calculated horndog evilness


That's, like, his Indian name, or something.

It should be on his license. And there were so many hints that he was married! Like the fact that he never took her to his place.

I just looked up Ellen Pompeo's age on imdb: 37. She may be trying to pull off a much much younger age by acting naïve or whatever, but it just comes across (to me) as stupidity. Do not like her at all.

And while Derek is definitely a calculated and evil horndog, I could accept that he did have some genuine feelings for Meredith, and was conflicted. But, yes, you are totally right about him pursuing her when she told him not to. So much hate.

Yeah, I think Meredith would be more accessible if the actress portraying her did genuinely look as young as the character is supposed to be. George, Izzie, and Alex look like they're in their mid-20s, Cristina looks like upper 20s but still close enough to mid-20s to be believable, and then there's Meredith. Sigh.

What did you think of all the high drama of the last two eps? And do you want me to link you to my reactions? Oh, heck, I'll do it anyway.

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