Kim (theamyrlin) wrote,

Weird dream + middle schoolers

I had the weirdest of dreams last night. In real life, my church does this Mexico trip every Christmas where we bring presents and supplies to Mexico for the less fortunate. In my dream, I was with my church branch and we had gone to Mexico. However, it was not Christmas time. We were in a giant building that was like a warehouse. However, instead of having supplies that were manufactured, the warehouse had rows and rows of weird stuff, like boxes of evidence or something.

In my dream, I had the power to know, psychically, if cats had been murdered. I would get close to a box of evidence, and then my heart would start hurting, and it was like I could feel the pain of the murdered cats. Also, I could sense the murder of someone else, but I couldn't say anything because I knew that the murderer was very close by. I just kept feeling very sad for the murdered souls.

Then, there was this other part of my dream where I was looking at a shelf with my linguistics teacher (don't ask me why she's there), and we saw a green colored half jawbone of a cat. I started saying all of these things about the bone like I was that girl from the David Boreanaz show on Fox (Bones). My teacher was very impressed with all of my bone knowledge, which, incidentally, was all of my own knowledge, and completely unrelated from my psychic power to understand the pain of murdered cats.

In another part of my dream, we were swimming in a giant pool somewhere in Mexico. I think the people in my church were like mermaids or whales or something. People were just going underwater and staying under there for a really long time without dying. I had to make some type of announcement, because I was in charge of something. I can't remember what. I totally just went underwater and shouted, my voice was like totally loud and understandable. So, I also had the power to shout underwater and be understood.

Then, everyone was hanging around the pool, casually treading water while we were having question and answer time. The question that was read to me was asking me what my favorite Chopin piano piece was. I answered that it was, of course, Nocturne for the piano number two in D minor.

Then, in a totally separate part of my dream, I'm walking along the Mexican street when I am approached by a girl who is selling things. She asks if I have any money. I'm thinking I probably have two dollars in my bag, but I tell her I have no money. Then, she mutters something under her breath in Spanish, and then I say to her, "Yo hablo español." that is the end of my dream. Bizarre, yes?

In real life news, yesterday I observed some middle school classes. I observed a seventh-grade class, and three sixth-grade classes. I thought that middle schoolers would be obnoxious and horrible, but they were adorable and eager to learn. In college, whenever a teacher asks a question, the students will reluctantly (if ever) raise their hands. The middle schoolers were totally raising their hands every time the teacher asked a question, and were excited about answering questions. That's pretty cool. Also, I totally observed by myself. My mom dropped me off and I did the whole day solo. Very cool.
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