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I get to take a fun class!
So, I am hanging in there. Barely. Well, I am having a very hard time actually getting any work done. The motivation to actually do anything productive? Completely gone with me. However, I am signing up for classes for next semester. I have already signed up for my three remaining required classes: American Literature II, Writing Discourse, and The Writing Process. I have room for one more class. Can you help me decide?

Poll #862702 My final class...

What should I take next semester?

Visual Anthropology
Intro to Arts and Humanities
Anatomy and Physiology of Speech
Business Writing
Modern African History
English Grammar/Syntax
Intro to Music
Power and Popular Culture

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I always wanted to take Criminology but couldn't get around to it. The psychology and circumstance that motivate criminal behavior is fascinating. Am I selling it well enough? Do it!

Ooh, anatomy and physiology of speech! It ties into my science geek side and my language geek side. Not that those are sides that you should really base your course decisions off of, but dude. I want to take that class...

Wow, criminology is really winning out. And to think, I was going to pick Intro to Arts and Humanities, then at least it would have had one vote. :)

Visual Anthropology and Anatomy and Physiology of Speech also sound fascinating, but Power and Popular Culture? I want to take that class!

I voted for Grammar and Syntax because, hello, I'm me, but African history sounds fab, too.

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