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What's with the new update page? Why does everything have to change?

So, I am finally done with school as of yesterday at about 5:30 PM. I managed to drag out my semester as much as possible! And, I am taking an incomplete in my education class which means I have to finish that up next semester, so technically, not really done, but nothing I can do for a while. I'm FREE!

I haven't been around on livejournal for a very long time, so I am busy getting caught up on what has been happening to y'all for the past like two months.

Yesterday, I watched Eragon with my friends Christina and Brenda and my parents and my sister. It was a pretty cool flick. I thought it was a very good adaptation, especially considering (in my honest opinion) that the book really wasn't all that great. They cut out all the really boring parts, and it had John Malkovich in it! And we all know I have a thing for him. Plus, the guy who plays Eragon is not at all hard to look at.

As for TV, I am really incredibly behind on a lot of shows -- Grey's Anatomy, Ugly Betty, How I Met Your Mother and The OC -- all of which I have either never seen the show or only the first couple of episodes of the season. I am about five episodes behind on Battlestar Galactica. I am current on almost everything once, except for One Tree Hill, which I am one episode behind. I stopped watching Gilmore Girls, even though I liked the first episode.

So, let's break it down. The shows on my schedule that got cut:
The Class, Studio 60, Vanished, Smallville, Gilmore Girls, 20 Good Years, 30 Rock

The Shows I Am Current on in Preference Order:
Veronica Mars, Supernatural, The Office, Prison Break, Heroes, One Tree Hill, My Name Is Earl, Lost

So, yes, I am liking VM this season. It is much better than last season, in my opinion, although nothing can match the beauty of the first season.

I'm also planning on catching up with The OC, as I heard that it does not suck at all.

Well, other than that, I have been a slave to schoolwork. I am enjoying having nothing to do, though. It makes me feel awesome! Now, if you'll excuse me, I'm going to finish some of the books I was reading for school that I didn't get the chance to finish but want to.
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