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Another exciting crabs update, and fun poll!

Well, today was pretty interesting. I tried to make the habitat a little bit more fun for Lex and Sark by putting sand in the corner, and also by decorating it with some pretty seashells.

Sark seems pretty discontent. I'm afraid I have a really depressed hermit crab on my hands. We put him in the sand so he could play in it and have fun, but he responded by exiting the sandbox as soon as he could and returning to the isolated spot behind the crab hideout and the fake palm tree. He sat there and sulked for the rest of the day. I really don't think he likes it where he is because he keeps trying to dig underneath the crab hideout like there might be a secret exit under there, and during the nights he likes to tap incessantly at the glass. Now he has perched himself on top of the fake palm tree and is sleeping. The poor little guy.

Meanwhile, Lex is apparently shedding his skin, which I'm told, looks very disgusting. My mom described it as "like a snake, but with really disgusting looking bumps." Anyway, I didn't think he was doing very well with the entire molting process, because he wasn't really looking that well yesterday and I think that Sark was bugging him for at least a little bit of this morning. However, he was spotted eating some of his yummy crab food, and after we put the new seashells in the habitat he got really happy and finally chose one. So, that's looking up.

I played Alias Spy Games with my mom and sisters today. It was pretty fun. I was especially enjoying myself because I had the most Rambaldi cards. I managed to collect 18 of the cards and none of them matched to form a complete Rambaldi device (which only takes five cards). My mom got tired of the game, though, and traded me cards and I finally assembled the firebomb device. I love this game. Not as much Buffy clue, though.

I don't know if I ever mentioned this before here, but my teacher e-mailed me and told me that I received an A in his class! I was very excited. Also, since the lovely waterbearers has been saying so much about Wil Wheaton's book, I checked out his site to see if there was any information about audio books or e-books coming out in the future. I couldn't find anything, so I e-mailed him. It was pretty cool to get a response back (only within a couple of hours) saying that he was planning on making an audio book with himself performing it. He said it wouldn't come out until the fall, though. But I have other books to keep me occupied until then, I guess. (Harry Potter and Crossroads of Twilight, to name a few.) I'm also right in the middle of The Great Good Thing. However, it is really annoying not to be able to read whenever I want to. E-books are excellent, because I can read them on my own, and audio books are also pretty enjoyable even if I have to have someone put the cassette in and turn it for me. But, if the book is not in one of those two forms, I either have to have someone read it to me (which is okay) or I have to prop the book on my lap using pillows, prop it open using paper clips, and call someone to turn it for me every couple of minutes. That gets annoying after awhile.

Anyway, it was a pretty delightful day today, even if my sisters haven't called to check in since they first called. I had to convince my mom but they weren't dead today, but it wasn't a very comforting way. ("Mom, if they were dead, we would know by now.")

Anyway, poll time:

What is the most annoying?

The sound of nails on chalkboards
Someone chewing with their mouth open
Someone cutting you off while driving
Someone telling you that Lex isn't hot.
People who make lame jokes and expect you to laugh at them
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