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Random ramblings.....
California bear
I have been crazily working on my Smallville web site. It is a pretty big undertaking. The biggest part is the character guide that I am making. I have pictures of every single character that has ever been on Smallville. I had to break it up into categories and subcategories. I have just finished Smallville High School: staff and students, and Metropolis. Although, now that I look back at my character pictures I realize I have left a couple of Metropolis people out, and must go back and add them. I still have to do the Smallville townies section which is broken up into about four different parts: medical community, Police Department, service industry and others. Then I have one more main category to finish and that is other characters. (The characters that are from neither Metropolis or Smallville.) Yikes.

I also have only calculated the Smallville car damage section until the episode "Leech" and my episode guide is only up to "Rogue." I have completed the Different Effects of Kryptonite section, though. I also just checked my Smallville high school students character page and realized that I totally forgot to include Whitney. So, to sum up, this is a lot of work. Especially because I write the HTML myself.

Anyway, because I am so obsessed with this current project, I have neglected almost everything else. My family members are getting kind of mad at me. However, yesterday I did stop and watch Lord of the Rings with my sister when she asked me to stop. And that is a pretty long movie.

I watched the Beyond Middle Earth thing on the WB on Wednesday. It just made me mega-excited for The Two Towers which is coming out in 11 days! I'm going to try and get into the midnight showing on Tuesday night. Which reminds me, I have to look into getting my van fixed. I am also really excited for the movie Drumline which is coming out on December 13. Kim-fact: I was on my high school's Drumline for three years. I played the cymbals, and then the bass drum. People tell me that being in marching band is really nerdy. I'm cool with that. I embrace the nerdiness that is me. I'm not into denying it, like some nerds I've met before.

Well, I probably should get back to doing my Smallville site. Don't worry, I will let everyone know when it is up. Hasta!