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What I've been up to
California bear
I finally started working on my Internet course again. I thought my assignments were due on the 18th, and it turns out that they are due on the 13th, which means I only have today to do the rest of my assignments. Oh well. For one of my assignments I have to watch three hours of TV. So, it shouldn't be too bad. My final exam paper is what is going to be the hardest. But that isn't due until the 20th.

Anyway, I wanted to send out my Christmas packages yesterday but I never got a chance to. Plus, I have 96's performance on tape and I was going to get that to Julie and Jenifer. (If you are reading this, and would like a copy let me know.) I hope to get that sent out today. I am really glad I finally got my Smallville site up on the Internet, though. Perhaps, if I get all my assignments and my final exam paper done today, I could continue working on the site. But I might have my friend Jared coming over tonight to watch DO OVER and Smallville. We'll see.

I also found this disturbing news about Alias. I can't believe it's not doing that well. Stupid Sopranos. That's all I can say.