December 30th, 2002

California bear

Oh, what fun is to write.....

I have been hanging out. Christmas was very cool. I got lots of stuff I wanted, and even some stuff I didn't know I needed. I got:
about 20 blank tapes from various family members
lots of candy
a Legolas poster
Star Wars episode 2
nail polish
512 MB of memory for my computer
a VCR switchy thing
Lord of the Rings: Two Towers Soundtrack
a bunch of other stuff

Anyway, Christmas for me, isn't really what you get, but what you give. Making other people happy makes me happier than other people making me happy. If that makes sense. I got my dad this really cool remote control that looks like a Star Trek phaser pistol, and he really likes it. It's the only remote control he's ever had that can control his TV, VCR, and satellite. Plus, it makes really cool phaser sounds. I got my mom the first season of 24 on DVD. She really liked it. I got a bunch of other stuff for my many siblings and they all enjoy their presents. My favorite gift I gave to them was this magical crystal pendant I gave to Kristine. It lights up and changes colors. When she wears it I call her The Queen of the Crystal, and tell her to "keep it secret; keep it safe." That makes me laugh.

Anyway, I had a very very good Christmas Day. On Christmas Eve, my dad did a very nice, very funny dance for my mom (at my request). My dad dancing to boy band music (the specific song was LMNT's "Hey Juliet") is definitely a memory I will always treasure. I wish I had video of that. I would play it every day. On Christmas Day, my mom, dad and sister all played my very favorite card game 500 with me. The game is so fun, I could seriously play it nonstop for a week. It's great. I am a pretty competitive person when playing games, but 500 is great because whether or not I really win, I always remember winning. Anyway, it made me very happy that I was playing my favorite game!!

The day after Christmas was very good, too. My sister Kristine and I mainly worked on Faith's Music Video. Later that day I was logged onto AOL Instant Messenger, and my friend Jared popped on and asked if he could come over, since it was Thursday and he usually comes over on Thursdays. So he came by at about 7:15 PM. We usually watch the new episodes of Smallville and Do Over, but since there hasn't been any new episodes for a while I have been making him watch Roswell. Don't tell me I'm evil, I already know. The first season was pretty all right, even if my first season tapes are pretty shoddy. Already he is catching on to the weird vibes between brother and sister Max and Isabel. It is amusing. So far we have watched all the way up until River Dog. He thinks it's pretty cool, and is kinda fixated on how huge Max's ears are. He thinks that Liz is pretty, but I really haven't pointed out her speech impediment to him, yet. It's fun times.

In other television show news: I have gotten my friend Cecilia really addicted to Buffy. We watched the first two episodes in mid-September, and we finished three seasons of Buffy in two months. Which is kind of remarkable because she has school and work, but always from time to come over and watch a couple of episodes at a time. She really loves Buffy/Angel, and hates Faith. I don't know why I love her so much. It's so hard to decide on whether I like her character, I just think Eliza Dushku is pretty, or if it is my fixation on evil characters. Anyway, I have started her watching the fourth season, because she wants more. I'm really sad because my Angel tapes for first season are kind of screwed up. I might have to rely on my crappily recorded Angel tapes which are kind of really bad. My other friend Lachelle just had a baby and she is all alone at home for the first time ever. She has gotten kind of lonely so I sent her the first of episodes of first season Buffy. She watched the entire thing in one day. So I'm sending her the rest of the season this week, and I can hopefully record more for her the week after next.

Speaking of newborns, my helper-girl Dawn Garcia went into labor on Sunday night and had a beautiful baby girl Jessica Christine! I am so happy for her! She was even going to come in to work today and tomorrow because she didn't think that Jessica was going to come out. She is a super trooper! She came into work for me on Friday, even. From what I have heard, things are going good with her and she is just really tired. Go Dawn! If it were possible, I would be doing cartwheels right now. :-)

I am also recording episodes of Alias for juliedarling. I watched the first seven episodes as I was recording them last night. You are so going to love it! So much super SpyDaddy! So much Sydney/Vaughn! So much fun! Plus, you also get to see what Will and Sydney's relationship started out as, and the Tess-ification of Francie's boyfriend Charlie. I need to get those other episodes on tape, but I am missing one of my Alias tapes, so I'm looking for it. I might just send 1-7 now. I'm excited for you to see these episodes!

Anyway, I have written quite a lot. So I think I will close on a nice little quiz:
Poll #87732 Number 2

Finish the sentence: When life gives you lemons...

Make lemonade
Throw them at mean people
Use the seeds to plant more trees
You have something to juggle with

Your least favorite type of music:

Can't decide between rap and country
I love all music