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Mice... and television
California bear
Happy new year! A little late. Anyway, I have been doing stuff.

The other day my mom and my two younger sisters were all in my room talking to me. Kristine was sitting against my door when a little unexpected visitor scurried under the door crack: a mouse. And she is absolutely TERRIFIED of mice. They are her No. 1 biggest fear. So, much screaming ensued and my mom and both sisters ended up on my bed with me. Kristine was crying. My dad had to come downstairs and carry my sisters to the staircase. The next day we put up 12 mousetraps. So far, we have killed five of them. I'm not sure if there are going to be anymore.

Also, my source of intelligent person to person television conversation (Kristine) has decided to completely quit TV. It made me very angry. I tried my hardest to talk her out of it. Nothing could get her to budge on this decision, though. I'm like, "what about Gilmore girls? Funny! Rory! Jess! Luke!" Then she tells me she doesn't care. I also tried this one, "what about Faith?!" (Her favorite character on Buffy) "you'll miss her when she comes back!" And she is still like solid in her determination to quit TV. She says that it is "controlling [her] life." Then I told her (as a bluff) that I was going to quit, too. Because then she wouldn't have a clue about what was going on in Buffy. I'm like, "if you quit, then I am going to quit, too." Kristine: "fine with me." Me: "you won't know what's going on." Kristine: "that's fine." Me: (in desperation) "okay then. Let's go right now and erase all of the timers." Kristine: "okay." And that is when my bluff was called. I couldn't let her erase my timers! I didn't even let her turn on the TV. It is all very depressing for me. I don't know what can make her turn back to the light side of the force. (Light side because televisions are all shiny and pretty lights.)

Last year I didn't make any resolutions. At least, I didn't write any of them down, so I really didn't accomplish much 2002. This year I am resolutionified to do differently. I've got my list and I think that this is going to be my year. I'm working on a new Web design for my site. Which I think will be the fifth or 6th new design since I got it up. Just get really tired of the design. So this year it is going to be looking a little different, but really cool. Hopefully.

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Anyway, that is quite a handful of words I have just written. I think I'm going to go in work on my site now. :-)