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Mostly Alias
California bear
I just stayed up all night. Yikes. I was helping my sister with her European history homework. For some reason I find Russian history especially appealing. Everything about it just makes me want to learn more. I don't know what is about the country. Maybe because it's just so far north. What are those people doing up there, anyway? On the other hand, English history makes me want to fall asleep. It's so dry to me. All of that religious turmoil. I find Queen Elizabeth semi-interesting, but only enough that I won't fall asleep learning about her. But, Russia..... fascinates me.

We also watched another episode of My So-called Life, which we are absolutely adoring, by the way. (Thanks juliedarling) I love the characters so much. Even the ones I really hate, like Patty and Jordan, I love. Angela is special, but not in a Pollyanna-perfect way. Each character has their own set of flaws, but that ultimately makes me like them more because they are believable flaws. Stuff that would happen in real life, without being boring. I'm not sure how many episodes I have left until the end, though. I don't even want to find out. I'm just hoping that my second tape will last forever. I know that's a little unrealistic. Okay, a lot unrealistic. The only thing that kind of irks me is this last name thing. It's never Jordan. It's always Jordan Catalano. It's never just Halley, but Halley Lowenthal. But even that is kind of funny.

Alias: I love this show. But, two Sark-less episodes in a row? Why are they trying to hurt me? It looks like he might show up in the next episode, though. I'm kinda confused about the whole Super Bowl thing. It's still going to be on that the same time, right? I really couldn't care less about football. I have never had any interest in the sport. I was in high school marching band for three years and attended every football game in the season. I'm still unclear about some of the rules. I even played powderpuff football for two years and that didn't even help. I think I have some type of block.

Back to Alias: I'm glad that Sydney and Vaughn didn't make with the smoochies this last episode. It needs to mean more. When (and, not if) they finally kiss it should be free. Vaughn needs to have a clear conscience... not this Alice nonsense lurking over him. I kind of hope that Alice breaks up with him. Because if it were the other way around, Vaughn would seem like, I don't know, a prick.

Anyone ever notice how Hugh Grant and Michael Vartan look vaguely similar? I just saw About a Boy last night, and it was really crazy how much Hugh Grant reminds me of Vaughn. I think it's the eyes... or maybe the lips.

I have totally hooked my friend Cecilia's entire family to Buffy. She's on fourth season right now, and her sister is on third and her brother is on second. I sent them home with practically my entire tape collection Sunday night. Her sister even ditched church because she was way to obsessed with watching Buffy. It's great to have people me so enthusiastic about the show that is so great.