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Crazy dreams
California bear
I had a really weird dream last night. I dreamt that I decided to have a wedding. So I called everyone up on the phone and told them to come. I even asked my friend from a long time ago Scott Schaub to be the groom. I had a very nice white wedding dress on and it was about time for me to start walking down the aisle, and then I was like, "wait a minute." Even though there was a huge pile of presents against the back wall of the building, I decided that I wanted more than just a party wedding. I wanted actual invitations and, oh, a groom that I actually, you know, loved. So I canceled it. Everyone was kind of cool about it, actually. In my dream, I expected my mom to be really angry about changing my mind, but she wasn't. Even the groom was kind of relieved. And for some reason, he and his best man were both wearing veils over their heads. It looked really strange with the tuxedos. After I had canceled everything, I still got to open up the presents. I don't know what brought this on.

In another part of my dream I was dreaming about evil Francie, and that I was a spy. My spy partner was that black guy from Fastlane. I might have actually been his white partner on the show (and a guy) which was also really weird. We were hiding out in my old backyard in Phoenix and someone kept on throwing bombs at us.

I have an appointment today at 11:30. I'm probably going to be late, which is a very big bummer to me.