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Elevator music
California bear
I think of myself as a reasonably patient person. Not being able to move very much on my own has taught me the importance of not being frustrated with things.

However, the thing that truly tries my patience is elevator music. It just seems so empty. Its main purpose is not to entertain or cause people to relate or empathize, but just to take up space. It especially frustrates me when I am calling a company to help me out with a technological problem I have been having. Not only am I already frustrated because the technology is not working for me, but I am on the telephone put on hold. That's double frustration. But what increases it exponentially is elevator music.

I'm forced to listen to music that has absolutely no point. How can it really even be called music? Even music that I personally despise (rap, country, etc.) is more musical than elevator music. Are the people who write this "music" really proud of their work? Do they show it to their family and friends, and sit around listening to it for fun? Seriously, I hope so. But somehow, I doubt it.

The "music" mostly consists of annoying acoustic guitars and ceaselessly meandering saxophone noise. The second after you have listened to it, the "melody" is already gone from your memory. Almost like it never happened at all except for you know it did.

As I sit listening to this music, I always start to feel really sad. I kind of feel bad for hating it. It's almost like it is too pathetic for me to have such a strong resentment toward it. It's kind of like kicking a puppy -- a really sad, pathetic looking puppy. But, not. A puppy has feelings, and elevator music is completely devoid of anything resembling soul. I still feel badly, though. I don't know why.

I'm really trying to intellectualize my feelings and draw some analogies between elevator music and another pointless thing. It's really hard to think of something that is as pointless as elevator music. Elevator music is kind of like when your television station is off air and has those colored bars and loud continuous beep. It's doing nothing for you. All it does is let you know that your television station is no longer playing television shows. Just like elevator music: it just lets you know that you're on hold, and takes up space so you don't think that there is nothing going on at the other end of the line.

It probably wouldn't bother me if I didn't think about people getting together and actually composing and recording the music. Perhaps I blame them for my on hold frustration. Perhaps I feel that they are wasting their life by making pointless music.
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