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Buffy Posting Board Party
California bear
This is going to be a very long entry with some pretty pictures. Anyway, this is about my adventure last weekend in L.A. I got to go to a Buffy Posting Board Party, and I met a bunch of Buffy celebrities. (If you click on the below link and don't see anything below it, just scroll down. I don't know the deal is but the rest of my entry is down there.)

Because of some really weird and long story about connections (well, people that my friend Justin knows) I got to attend the last Buffy Posting Board Party on the 16th of February. Which, in and of itself, was cool, except for we got to go to the "VIP" part of the party. To sum up, it was completely rad. Natalie is truly an awesome chick for having us as her guests.

Anyway, I had a very fun time. We just got in and got situated at a little table when we got to meet our first celebrity of the night: James O'Leary. He's the guy that plays Clem. Anyway, he is a complete and total doll. Excellent to talk with and an awesome sense of humor. He says it takes him like two hours to get into the demon makeup. My mom had no idea who he was. Until after he already left and then we told her he was the guy with "the ears." I apologize ahead of time for the pictures. They are pretty decent quality, just the fact that I am in them makes them very ugly. Seriously, although I may look mentally retarded, I'm not. Justin, James, Kristine and me. -- -- -->

Well, talking with James was really cool. Then we just starting hanging out and talking. When I look over and who do I see just standing there? Joss Whedon. Standing like six feet away from me. I'm like, "Kristine, look, there's Joss!" Then we just stood in amazement (well, I was sitting in amazement). Then Natalie totally hooks us up. Because Joss comes right on over to us! With his "male gigolo" Alexis Denisof! (Joss introduced Alexis as the male gigolo. Side note: Alexis is very, very good-looking in person.) It was so weird to be introduced to the guy who created and wrote and directed and even acted in my favorite shows. He is so cute!! He talked to us for a little bit and we got a couple of pictures with both Joss and Alexis. Kristine and I brought a CD with a couple of our best Buffy music videos on them and we handed it to Joss, who put it in his suit pocket! You totally need to click on the picture because, well, Joss looks so pretty!! Plus, look how he is leaning so sweetly on my wheelchair. Awww! He's touching my hand! In the picture are: mom, Kristine, Natalie, Justin, Alexis, me and Joss. -- -- -->

Meandering among the "VIP" people were all these people dressed up like demons and vampires. There was "The Beast" who looked very disgruntled most likely because his outfit was so cumbersome. We wanted to get a picture with him but he was totally moody. Poor guy. It must be so hot and itchy under all of that plastic and makeup. We got a picture with a very ugly demon, though. I looked really closely to find out what kind of demon he was, and from which episode, but I really couldn't tell. He was just some generic demon guy. But he was totally nice. Like almost every other person we talked to about the makeup, he really hated the contact lenses. But they look really cool. Oh yeah, we also saw the Uber-Vamp, who was very freakily skinny. Here we are with generic demon -- -- -->

The next person we got to talk to was Julie Benz who plays Darla. She was so much fun. She was really, really nice. She came over with her friend and we talked for a while about what she was up to and the vampire makeup. Her friend told us this really funny story about Julie when she was in her vampire makeup. Anyway, it was totally fun to talk to her. I told her that I liked her as Agent Topolsky in Roswell. Especially in "Crazy." She told me that she loves to play the psychotic roles. Which you seriously probably would have never guessed, just meeting her. Because she is totally charming and just has a really friendly personality. My mom told her that Darla was so evil, and Julie just said that Darla was "misunderstood." Here we are: Kristine, Julie, Justin and me. -- -- -->

Next we got to meet Mark Lutz who plays the Groosalugg. He is very good-looking in person. It is seriously amazing to me. I mean on-screen TV stars and movie stars look just fine, but when you get to look at them with your own eyes... it just makes them hotter. He was looking very nice. Anyway, he is like a little class clown or something. So funny in person. Also, you can't really tell but I think that Mark has braces. His front teeth were a little bit far apart on Angel, but much less so in person. I only know this because Justin zoomed up on this picture, mostly on me, and mostly to annoy me, but we did see something on his teeth. Like that matters at all. Anyway, I guess, just an interesting fact. In the picture: Kristine, Justin, Mark and me. -- -- -->

So, we are just hanging out, talking. The night, for me, was totally beyond surreal. Even the people that I didn't know from seeing them on TV, looked really familiar. The whole night it was almost like I really wasn't there, but I was just remembering what happened. Kinda creepy. So we look over and we see Jonathan... I mean, Danny Strong. He was so totally cool. Super friendly, and super cute! I can't really remember what we spoke about. I really can't believe they killed Jonathan off. Check out his cuteness: Kristine, Justin, Danny and me. -- -- -->

I seriously can't believe how friendly everyone was. And even if it was totally fake, it was nice. It's kind of like eating Twinkies or another hostess snack. You know that there is not actually any real ingredients in the Twinkie, but it still tastes really nice. Anyway, Danny was very nice to me, and he even kissed me! Look, I have the picture to prove it! Even though it was just the side of my face, I thought he did a very nice job! :-) Check us out! -- -- -->

By this time, it was getting pretty close to the time that Andy Hallett (Lorne) was going to be performing. And because of the extreme trickiness and gratuitous amounts of stairs that the Legion Hall has, I had to go through the bar and the kitchen and up a little service elevator to get to the mainstage area. But before we left, we ran into Andy himself who sang some songs with his close buddy Hiram "Boots" directly to us! He was very exciting to be around, and it was kind of weird hearing him talk, because he doesn't do any like fake voices for Lorne, he really sounds like that in real life. So we got a little picture. Here we are: Kristine, Andy, Natalie, Justin and me. -- -- -->

So, we went the tricky way out of the VIP room to get to the mainstage area. Then we had to knock on this door and nobody heard us for a couple of minutes because it was so loud. I think Four Star Mary was finishing up. After we got in they started playing an Alice In Chains song. Then it was just Alice In Chains for probably 15 minutes. I think they played four or five songs. By this time, I pretty much had no idea what was going on. I was just watching the really interesting people in the front stage area. It was really weird because, again, it was like I had already seen these people before. Here are a bunch of them standing around. -- -- -->

I forgot to mention this, but before we went to the stage area we saw Eliza Dushku in the VIP area. We really wanted to meet her, especially Kristine because Eliza is her favorite actor. I don't know why, but I like knew that she was going to be there. So we got a nice spot by the stage because all the famous people were going to come out and stuff. The people there were very nice to me. They asked me if they were in my way or if they could do something for me. Very sweet. Anyway, soon everyone came out and a check was presented to the Make-A-Wish foundation. $30,000. The check was huge. There's Joss and our friend Peter (who was in charge of the party, I believe) holding the check. If you look closely, in the background you can see Vladimir Kulich. -- -- -->

Kristine was off to the side just snapping pictures away. She got a lot of pictures of Eliza's butt. But we also got this picture of James Marsters, Tom Lenk and Danny Strong. I think the other guy is a writer or producer. I'm not sure, I didn't get a chance to meet him. I also think you can see Eliza's boyfriend in this shot. -- -- -->

Here are more famous people. Standing in the front is Joss, but you can also see James, Julie, Danny and some others. I wonder what the Make-A-Wish foundation does with that huge check. It's not like they can process a check that large. I know because I used to process checks as my job. Maybe they get it framed. -- -- -->

Here's one of those Eliza butt shots I was telling you about. I really liked her outfit. The scarf was really cool, although it looked pretty warm. She is standing with her boyfriend. -- -- -->

This is Joss, Eliza and her boyfriend (Roman). -- -- -->

After the presentation, Andy Hallett performed. It was pretty exciting. I really can't remember any of the songs he sang. We did get it on video, though. Right as he was performing, Kristine finally met Eliza. She gave her the other CD we made with the Buffy and Faith music videos on it. When she told Eliza about me she really wanted to meet me. I really thought that this was sweet because she had to wade through a lot of autograph-hungry fans. And, even though the security guards/bodyguards were trying to keep the fans away she was still sweetly signing every autograph she could. Eliza really was a trooper because she came even though she was sick! Anyway, she talked with us for a little bit and we got this groovy picture. -- -- -->

After Andy performed we decided to go back to the "VIP" area. We could have stayed and watched Adam Busch (Warren) play with his band, but they were kind of country-ish... thus, the loss of interest. But, while we were at the mainstage area I saw bunch of people from Firefly.... Okay, I saw two people from Firefly. That girl who plays the really crazy mental sister (Summer Glau), and the black preacher guy (Ron Glass). Summer was very very pretty, and I could not believe how huge Ron's hair was. Anyway, we went back to the "VIP" area. Here we are with a guy dressing up as Skip. -- -- -->

Almost the entire time we were there (at the party) Kristine kept on pointing out this guy. He was one of the Watcher's Council and got to spit on Buffy (as Faith). Finally Justin and her went over and met with him. Then he came over to talk with me, as well. He was so supercool (his name was Jeff Ricketts). He told us all about behind the scenes stuff and we really enjoyed talking with him. We probably talked to him for ten or so minutes. He told us all about the Faith expectoration scene, and a bunch of other stories. He was so totally cool and fun to talk with. Kristine, Jeff and me. -- -- -->

We were pretty much done with the party as it was almost midnight. But, before we went out we did say hello to Tom Lenk. Which, was pretty weird, because like Andy Hallett, he sounded exactly like Andrew. He was cool, though. We didn't get a picture with him because we were so out of the door, but we did get this picture of him and Danny. -- -- -->