March 28th, 2003

California bear


Today I got my hair cut. I have four times the normal amount of hair a person should have. I have my head shaved underneath about halfway up, and even with half the hair I have twice as much as a normal person. It's not like either of my parents have thick hair, either. It's crazy, but I like my new haircut.

My mom cut my hair, which, remind me, I should never do again. I wanted my hair to my chin, and it ended at more my nose level. I would be more upset if my hair grew slowly, but according to my latest calculations, my hair grows approximately .75 inches per month. It's nice, though. My hair was getting so long that it was getting caught on things, and it was causing me much pain. Along with the freakishly thick hair, I also inherited an extremely sensitive scalp, so when I get my hair brushed and it is really tangled I always feel like I am being tortured for information. I always feel like screaming out, "stop! I'll tell you everything I know!"

Below are some pictures which historically illustrate the unfair amount of hair I possess. The first one is after I got a perm (when I was two years old) and the second one is a picture from my freshman year in college.

I also sent out my friend Justin's Sundance workshop entry. Whatever the contest/competition is, I hope he wins. I also spent some time in the sunshine today. I love the sunshine! It is so warm and feels so great on the skin. I was actually annoyed at the breeze (which was very nice) because I felt it was taking away from the warmth of the sun. It was awesome weather today. I don't think it got above 80, and it was so light and airy. Everyone reading this not living in California: move here! I'll hang out with you! :-)
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