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The weekend/Alias
California bear
I have been busy the last couple of days. I help run a web site that needs serious updating on the first of each month, so yesterday and the day before that were crunch days to figure that out. Then I had to write this 5-7 page paper for my philosophy class which was yesterday and I started on it Monday night. I'm pretty satisfied with my results, though. For those so inclined, take a look at my paper on Descartes.

Then, my friend Cecilia has been coming over a lot because we are hugely obsessed with fifth season Buffy. I think we've watched 12 episodes since Saturday. On Saturday night, speaking of which, we watched careyleah's movie What a Girl Wants. It was surprisingly good. (Surprisingly because of my immense hatred of Amanda Bynes.) We were pretty much the only people there that were over the age of 13 who weren't parents. Which, is an experience that I greatly enjoyed and would recommend to anyone to do some time. Why? Because kids laugh at the dumbest things. It is really quite amusing. For example, the first thing you see after the previews is the title "Gaylord Films" which many of the children in my theater thought was a giggling matter. It just makes you laugh inside (and I will admit, out loud, too) when they laugh at the word "gay."

Sunday's Alias was great, as usual. I'm sad to see Mrs. Dixon go, though. The poor motherless kids! And, poor Dixon! What is his first name again? Anyway, I really love Team Evil, with the exclusion of Sloane. So, I guess I just love Irina and Sark. I'm kind of hoping that Sark and Sydney don't end up related by the end of the season, but I have this inkling that they will. I hope he ends up being Will's brother. Maybe that would give the poor ex-reporter a storyline.

What I miss about Alias: I miss Francie, Will and Sydney just hanging out watching television, and doing mundane things like eating or talking in the apartment. I'm kind of sad that everyone knows about Sydney being in the CIA. Sloane knows. Will knows. Evil!Francie knows. Dixon and Marshall know. Sark knows. I kind of liked that there were some clueless people, and that Sydney actually had to hide her secret. Anyway, I am hoping that sometime in the near future Sydney gets a really big secret that she has to keep, and there can be multiple clueless people. Then I would be a little happier.

I think I'll make a little poll to commemorate my Alias Babblings.

Poll #119885 Alias!

Sark's first name:

Is something really plain like Robert or Jonathan.
Is something English like Hobson or Lucius.
Is something like Matthew or Brandon.
I don't watch Alias, Kim, send me tapes.
Other (specify in comments)

Will Tippen would be more interesting if:

He got kidnapped by Team Evil
His picture was found in a Rambaldi manuscript
He hung out with Vaughn or Marshall
He became more evil, or something
I don't watch Alias, Kim, send me tapes!!

How much longer can you stand the secretly evil Francie?

I already have had enough.
2-3 more episodes, tops.
Let's see her do some more evil things... maybe like five episodes more.
I could probably watch her be secretly evil until season 3.
I don't watch Alias, Kim.......