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Interesting entry... (not really)
California bear
I have been going through my tapes lately. It is amazing how much of a slacker I have become this year. Well, I did start recording like five new shows this year, but seriously. My tapes are a huge mess. In order to clear out my PVR (Tivo-like device) before it started to delete programs, I started recording episodes to tapes without editing the commercials out and without actually labeling the tapes that I put them on. Big mistake.

I hope that I am not the only one out there with a spreadsheet that has the contents of their tape collection written in it. I went through my tapes today, and I am missing a bunch of tapes. Most notably, Do Over, the tape that has Star Wars IV-VI on it, Never-ending Story, and an Angel season 4 tape. Grrr. I'm thinking about offering a bounty on each tape found to my family members. But I don't know if that would encourage them to lose my tapes on purpose.

Speaking of family, my little sister has joined the LJ community! Please welcome her, the always wonderful, super sweet, and adorably cute faiths_stake! She joined me on the interest "hating Barbra Streisand", which I seriously thought would have more people, but we are the only ones. But, I would recommend adding that one to your interest lists. That is, if you believe (like I do) that Barbra Streisand has a direct link to Satan. Okay, I'm not going to think about Barbra Streisand anymore, because if I do, I will start going on major tangent on how evil she is.

I also helped my friend Cecilia with her Tolkien paper yesterday and last night. It was a paper comparing and contrasting Frodo and Gollum. Fun stuff. I love the book Lord Of The Rings. I thought the first movie was great, but they changed way too many things in the second movie. I love all the hobbits. I seriously cannot pick my favorite one between Bilbo, Frodo, Pippin, Merry, and Sam. Love them! Okay, I feel like going and watching my Legolas video. I think I'll do that now. :-)