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Talking heads and eBay
California bear
I have been doing a lot of shopping on eBay lately. Well, most of it wasn't for me, so I'm not totally wasting my money, or anything. Anyway, I got my friend Cecilia two pairs of really cute Doc Martens for $85 including the shipping. So, yay! Deal! I also got her sister, my other friend, Barbie a really nice pair of Mary Jane Doc Martens. I'm not exactly sure how much those ended up costing. But, for myself, I got about 40 little mini beanie babies.

I was watching the STYLE channel a couple of weeks ago and they had models doing their runway thing, and one of the models had a scarf made completely out of sock monkeys. So, I'm planning on sewing the mini babies together and making a nice little scarf for myself. Anyway, that should be cool. I will let you know how it turns out.

I found a really cool site that makes talking heads. You just follow the instructions, and you can upload a picture of yourself (or picture of your friend) and make them talk. You type in what you want them to say, and then you have a choice of like five different accents: American woman, Valley girl, sportscaster, Scottish male, and American man. Here is a picture of my friend Cecilia saying the lyrics to "La Bamba" in a Valley girl voice. They even make your picture blink, and raise its eyebrows. It's pretty cool.

We finally finished the Sydney/Vaughn video last night. Or, I should say, early this morning. We still have to compress it and upload it and everything, so it will be up probably later on today. I promise that it will be completely worth your time to download this video! Anyone who downloads it, and feels cheated, may tell me so and I will send them a box of Raisinettes or gummy worms.

Well, I should really go and compress the video and everything.

New video!!!
California bear
The much anticipated Sydney/Vaughn is now completed! Yay! Download it here. If you invest the time and effort into downloading it, you will be very happy. I am serious about sending unhappy viewers Raisinettes or gummy worms. So, really, you have nothing to lose!!

Edited because the polls hate me again. Anyway, feedback is appreciated!