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Feeling good in the neighborhood
Do dumb things ever cheer you up or make you feel better about yourself? Well, sometimes when I feel bad, I look at my eBay feedback. Check that out! 94 positives! 0 neutrals, 0 negatives, and 0 bid retractions! Who's the responsible eBayer? I am!

Back when I first got home from the hospital in 1999, I used to have this weird obsession with Pokémon. I would watch the cartoon every day on kids WB with the youngest siblings, and I even had my own little card collection. Back in those early days, I was pretty fragile about the entire "being paralyzed" thing, and I got sad a lot. But, those cards used to make me feel a lot better. Sometimes, I would even take them with me places, so they could be by me to make me feel better. It didn't always work, but it was nice. In a way, Pokémon cards were like my emotional training wheels. And, yes, I am aware of how pathetic this is.

I'm happy, pretty much. There are always going to be things out there that cause grief and sadness, but I choose not to let them bother me. On the reverse end of the spectrum, there are always reasons to be happy. Even when I get sick, which I absolutely do not like, I'm glad, in a way. It makes me realize and appreciate that being well rocks! And, no matter how bad you have it, there's always someone out there who's had much worse. And, I have had it pretty bad. Breaking your neck at 18 and becoming paralyzed from the shoulders down, is pretty bad. Add to that, right after the accident, I had to move to a completely different state leaving behind all of my friends. But, I heard this story about this other girl who was visiting California from Polynesia. Her family got into a car accident while over here, and she broke her neck a little higher up than mine, plus, she was almost completely blinded by the accident and on respirators. She had to move here, because, apparently, they don't do life-support stuff in Polynesia. So, the poor girl had to start over in a new country, learn a new language, and she can barely see. But, from what the nurses tell me, she had an awesome attitude. That made me feel better about my situation. Compared to her, my situation was cake.

Sometimes, though, don't you hate stories where the guy is all perfect about everything? Like, I saw this "Hero Story" about this guy who broke his neck while he was in high school. He was the perfect guy, who was the perfect football player, who had the perfect girlfriend, and then tragedy. Sleeping and driving are a bad combination. But, then, he was the perfect patient, who had the perfect attitude, who never complained, and did everything exactly right. To me, that wasn't very motivating. I kinda wanted to run my wheelchair off of a cliff. It just made me feel bad that I couldn't be that good. You know?

But, seriously, sleeping and driving are a very dangerous combination. I strongly recommend not doing it. I knew this guy in high school who fell asleep while driving and he ran a light at an intersection and killed three people. So, to sum up, if you are tired and feel like you might, just might possibly, be falling asleep, pull over. Get some coffee, or sugar drink, or even sleep for a bit. It's really not worth the risk, and I'm speaking from firsthand experience.

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