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Tuesday night...
California bear
I went to class on Tuesday night, and I got back my paper and my test. I got an A- on my paper and a B+ on my test. I'm pretty happy. Although I really hate to get anything below an A.

I found Gilmore Girls to be pretty depressing. I thought that Jess and Dean were going to have a fight about something that wasn't so... crappy. It just seemed like one huge misunderstanding, when it could have been about something more actual. Dean's thoughts: "Rory is crying. I now must punch Jess." I hate the Rory/Jess relationship. If it was that serious, and apparently Rory was contemplating it being that serious, she and Jess should have had a conversation before they were in such a compromising position. Retarded.

Luckily for me, Smallville cheered me right up. I hate freaking Jennifer Small. If I were Lana, I would not have told Henry to spend more time with his wife. His wife is clearly unstable, manipulative, and stupidly insecure, not to mention that she might actually be cheating on him. He would probably be better off without her. Jennifer Small told Lana that she was filing for divorce because of her? That was the stupidest thing I have ever heard.

I also hate Clark. He was so insensitive toward Chloe this last episode that I wanted to smack him with a bar of kryptonite. At least Lex didn't disappoint. I like him so much more when he's not with Helen, although, separately I really like Helen.

Buffy, however, ruined my good mood. What was up with this last episode? Was it a contest to see how contrived a plot can actually be? Has Buffy forgotten that they actually do, from time to time, brainstorm? They should have found some dynamite or explosives or whatever it was they used to blow up the school, and blew up the wine place to kingdom come, or whatever. I bet Willow is a strong enough witch that she could have disintegrated the place by thinking about it. Another thing, where is Buffy getting all of the money to run her little hotel? If the FE was at all smart, it would just use its minions to dynamite Casa Summers. The preview for next week was even more depressing. Hopefully it is UPN trickery.

I also got this great e-mail today to order a Russian wife. It sounds bizarre, but it's true. And, pretty freaky. Don't believe me?

Anyway, my tape is now unstuck from my VCR. My dad cut the tape to get it out, and he said he would tape it back together with Scotch tape. I just hope it works. Children of Dune is really visually pleasing, even if The Evil Sci-fi Channel produced it, or whatever.