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Series Finale Alias
California bear
Alias! What can I say!? I watched with my sisters, brother and my friend, and after the episode was over we had a great little collective scream.

So Rambaldi has a device that moves people forward in time? What was up with Sydney's scar? And, many other questions.

Things to note:

  • Despite Irena's ambiguity, it is still my opinion that she is evil and that she has a master plan.
  • Sark is aware of the master plan, and in full participation mode.
  • Although Sloane is important and Rambaldi-crazy, in the scheme of things he is just Drevko's (sp) pawn.
  • I think someone's going over to the dark side next season and that it is Jack.
  • I also think the Francinator is alive.
  • I bet we won't be seeing much of Director Kendall next season. Maybe it's just because I hate him.
  • I'm really glad that Will is alive. I know my friend Cecilia would have had a heart attack if he was actually dead. (How is he not dead?)
  • If Vaughn is married to Alice, I think I'm going to gouge my eyes out. Grrrr. GRRRRRR!

So, almost 24 hours after watching it for the first time, those are my thoughts.