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Who is the most awesome person in the world?
California bear
I hate the way my Journal looks. I'm so jealous of everyone else's journals because everyone else's journals look so much better than my crappy layout. Every single time I try to better the look of this thing, I end up messing it up even more. Blah. It's so maddening because I know I'm not retarded; I've made like hundreds of web pages. I'm just livejournal incompetent. Anyway, onto other non-depressing things.

My speech-recognition program got upgraded today! 7.0! I spent a lot of today making my computer talk when I say certain things. For instance, if I say, "who is the most awesome person in the world" my computer will say, "you are, Kim. Everyone loves you." I don't know why I programmed it to say that. It's not like I need the validation or that I really think that, although it does make me laugh every time. Also, my computer will girlie-giggle (pretty creepily) when I say, "I want girlie giggles." It keeps me pretty amused.

I really need to update my Smallville site. I just wish it wasn't such a huge undertaking. My episode guide pretty much stops at “skinwalker", and my character guide (although incomplete to begin with) last got updated after "insurgence". The Smallville character death rates haven't been updated since Whitney died (I think), and my Smallville car abuse page stops at "leech."

One of my other sites, KonnektedTwin.com, also needs updating. And, I have been working on a completely new looking layout for my personal site for this past week. Hopefully, I will get that uploaded soon. Just needs to be finished, first.

I also saw 90% of the movie Holes yesterday. From what I saw, it was a pretty good movie. I'm going to have to see the beginning of it to be sure, though. Anyway, that's all that's going on with me lately.