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Checking in...
California bear
I'm kind of excited for tonight's TV. Gilmore Girls looks like it could be interesting. Smallville looks like it's probably going to piss me off, but I'm sure it will be a good time. Buffy... eh. I am excited that Angel is there, and hopefully some more slayers in training will die.

I'm just checking in before I have to go to class. I'm never taking Tuesday night school again! My class goes from 7-10 p.m., and if that's not cruelty, I don't know what is. It makes me kind of sad because not only do I have to play catch-up for all of the TV shows that I love, but it means my teacher is not a fan of Tuesday night TV. Anyway, I just finished writing my paper which took all of today to do. It's a comparison paper between Marx and Freud. I would post it except that I kind of think it sucks. Anyway, I'm really tired of listening to Debussy, which was my homework music of choice for today.