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Music video randomness
California bear
Mmmmmkay, I'm really excited because I just updated my video site (Konnekted Twin) with two new videos!! The first one I finished a week ago, but had to fix because the ending was a little bit kersquawnky. Anyway, it is the hand dancing one, and although it is not the greatest quality, I'm pretty glad about it. It's basically a video of hands singing and dancing to Cake's Never There. The second one is an awesome little Fellowship of the Ring video which centers on The Fellowship of Nine. I'm pretty proud of it! It has much prettiness with Aragon, Legolas and Frodo and all of the rest of the hobbits. Oh yeah, Gimli and Gandalf are also in there. It's done to Pennywise's Bro Hymn. Thanks to my mom for helping me edit the first one, and to Cecilia for the second one.

Also, if any of you were thinking of friending someone new, I highly recommend friending faiths_stake who is one of my best friends (and also my little sister). She is interesting and creative and deserves most of the credit for most of the videos on the Konnekted Twin site. She rocks!!

I'm thinking about doing a Marshall or Will or Spy!Daddy music video (from Alias). I think I will do a little poll.
Poll #135513 My Next Alias Video

My next Alias video should be...

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