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Holy crap! -- also Gilmore Girls and Smallville stuff
California bear
Well, wasn't yesterday lovely? I didn't get a chance to watch any of my Tuesday night TV last night on account of my philosophy class. I still absolutely love my teacher. Sigh. Anyway, class was great if I wasn't sweating like a freak of nature, but I was. My body adjusts to temperatures not as well as normal people, so if I go from one temperature to another even if it's not hot, and, even if it is a bunch cooler, my body freaks out and I start looking a lot like Niagara Falls.

Well, when I got home my sister (KeriAnn) was watching the series finale Buffy without me. So, I kicked her out of my room and didn't watch any TV last night. I would have if my other sister (faiths_stake) was awake, but she got really bummed out about swimming suit shopping and was sleeping when I got home. However, before I went to my class she informed me that her and I (and my friend Justin) have our pictures in the Official Buffy Magazine. Pictures. Of us. Standing. Next. To Joss! Apparently one of her friends had the Magazine at school and showed it to her. I still haven't seen it, but I plan on rectifying that as soon as I can. I'm double-y excited because maybe it will show the photographer's name who took our picture. Because he was hot. Anyway, how cool is that?

Anyway, my sister (Kristine) walks in my room at 4:45 AM, and, since I am a fabulously light sleeper, I woke up. She then asked me if we could watch Gilmore Girls. So, we watched Gilmore Girls and Smallville this morning before the sun came up. A pretty pleasant way of starting the day, actually. I still haven't seen the series finale of Buffy. I'm still avoiding any type of spoilers like the freaking plague.

Gilmore Girls -- I'm still really disappointed that Rory didn't get to go to her senior prom. What was up with Lane? Wouldn't she want to see Rory graduate? Or was there some type of limit on how many people she could invite? I'm sad that we didn't get to see Lane/David at the prom. That would have been so cute. :-( I'm with those who hate the guts out of Jess. Hate. Him. Anyway, I was also really sad that the part where Lorelai asks Luke not to get engaged was a dream.

Okay, now for the things I really liked. I liked that Lorelai and Sookie got The Dragonfly. I thought Rory's speech was cute. I especially liked that Luke was crying. I could have had less of them talking about not crying, though. Anyway, I thought it was a pretty good season finale. Even though it was okay, I still feel like it had more bad points than good. I was glad that Rory made up with Dean. That was cute.

Smallville -- I hate Jonathan Kent. Out of the main cast, I pick him to die first. Even before Lana. pepperjackcandy was right in her little rant of how much Jonathan sucks. I hate Lana. Even though she's second-place on my Smallville blacklist, she still sucks. I don't think I've seen two people look more awkward together than when she and Clark were cuddling on the picnic blanket. Anyway, I hate her for straight-up lying to Chloe. She already knows that you and Clark are together, you imbecile! Lying about it is only going to make Chloe more pissed at you.

As happy as I am that the Ship of Contrivance finally exploded, I really wish it would have happened the first time it started talking. Because that's what I thought had happened. It looked like it blew up, but there it was again in the next scene. (Little side note: are Kryptonians fluent in every single language, or is it just English? Or is English the official language of Krypton?) Anyway, even though Helen is obviously evil and in cahoots with Lionel, and that she tried to kill my glorious little Lexi-poo, I like her. I like all of the more evil characters, I guess.

I still can't wait to see Buffy. I'll probably watch it when my sister gets home from school. So, two more hours!