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Quick update...
California bear
I had a pretty cool Memorial Day. I can't believe it's been almost a week since I've updated. Crazy! Well, this is going to be pretty brief since I am supposed to be taking a philosophy test right now.

I have updated my personal site, I actually did it on the 22nd. There are a lot of new pictures and stuff up in my family's recent events section. I have also included a picture of my sister and I standing next to Joss Whedon and Alexis Denisof with our friend Justin. This is from The Official Buffy Magazine regarding the Buffy Posting Board Party.

I'm considering putting some of our older music videos online, but I am hesitant because they aren't that great. The music videos I'm considering putting up are three character studies: Spike, Angel, and Cordelia. These videos were made when we were fairly new to making music videos, and we actually hadn't even discovered online vidding. So, poll:
Poll #138985 Should I?

Should I put my old music videos online?

Sure, if you want people to laugh and scoff at you.
They can't be that bad... sure!
You should spare the world from bad videos... so, no.
Maybe... if you want to

Sunday my sister and I made a board game based on Alias called SpyGames. It's like an interesting mix between Monopoly, Risk and Clue. The point of the game is to fulfill missions that bring you closer to building a Rambaldi device. It's got a few kinks, but it's pretty cool. We played with my family Sunday night, and it was going really well until grapefruit juice got spilled over everything. [Note: when playing games, no beverages are allowed to be at the table from now on.]

Memorial Day was pretty rad. We went to my mom's cousin's house where his kid Trevin celebrated his fourth birthday. I really hope that he had a good birthday, because I know how pivotal one's fourth birthday is. I have this whole theory one fourth birthdays and everything. Remind me to elaborate later when I have more time. Anyway, it was really cool to hang out with them and their families. I will probably have pictures available later on at my site.

Today my sister Kellie got surgery on her knee again. The poor little girl! It looks like everything went well and she is back home and watching Harry Potter. Speaking of Harry Potter, did you know that there was a 1986 movie called Troll, where the kid (Noah Hathaway) from Never-ending Story played a boy named Harry Potter? Pretty interesting, isn't it?

I have to go and take my test now. It's my final exam, so I hope I do really well.