May 28th, 2003

California bear

Some good news and video update.....

I had a pretty weird dream about my teacher last night. Nothing too crazy... I think it was Halloween in my dream and everyone was making jack-o'-lanterns. And, it wasn't a college class, it was high school English. I had my Wheel of Time book playing in the background while I was sleeping, and I think it was influencing my dream because WoT terminology kept on popping up throughout the dream. Someone in my class would start talking about Aes Sydae, and then my teacher would join in on the discussion, and I remember thinking to myself, "my teacher is so freaking cool." :-) And, for the record, my teacher is so freaking cool, regardless of whether or not he knows WoT terminology.

The best thing ever happened today when I opened up an envelope and got a personalized autographed picture from David Anders! (Thank you! Thank you, juliedarling) I am going to scan it in so everyone can appreciate its remarkable, undeniable beauty. :-)

It was also really great getting a phone call from the beautiful aforementioned Julie. I wish I could have talked longer, but my family and friends really wanted me to play The Alias SpyGames board game with them. It went to much better than the last time -- nothing got spilled on the board or any of the pieces this time! I was so close to winning, too. I had four of the things to make the Rambaldi heart, and only needed the last one to win, but my brother got the final firebomb device before I could snag the last heart device from my sister. We have established that the Alias game is completely playable and winnable. And, it's not like Monopoly where you just get tired of the game before someone wins. I think I will include the Microsoft Word files, and rules and instructions later on if anyone else is interested in constructing their own game.

My old music videos are now available for download. The first two are pretty poor quality:
Cordelia 2.3 MB or 8.5 MB (song is No Doubt's "Just a Girl" and covers Cordelia's character development from second season Buffy to the season finale of first season Angel)
Spike 2.3 MB or 8.5 MB (song is Linkin Park's "With You" and covers Spike's character development from second season Buffy to mid-fifth season Buffy)
This next one is where we started getting pretty good:
Angel 2.5 MB or 10 MB (song is Three Doors Down's "Life of My Own" and covers Angel from second season Buffy to about the middle of second season Angel)

Anyway, you can clearly tell by watching the Spike one that we really didn't have any type of concept or grasp on "point of view" as we seem to switch it a lot. Also, we kind of went a little transition-happy at the end. At this time in our vidding development, we didn't have a lot of sources to capture from -- we just had the Buffy video collection which consisted of an assortment of six episodes each from seasons 1-3, and some crappy 4-5th season footage, and 1-2nd (crappy) season Angel footage. We also really didn't understand the concept of cutting clips cleanly, as demonstrated mostly by the Cordelia and Spike videos, but also a teensy bit by the Angel vid. Another thing I don't particularly like about these videos is our use of long clips; now, they are not as bad as some of the vids I've seen out there, but I definitely think that it could have been done better. The Cordelia one it is mostly guilty of the long clip crime, as we used the same clip for the last 30 seconds or so of the video.

What I really liked about these videos was the pacing. Even if the point of view and the length and cuts could've been better I thought we did a pretty superb job at matching up the flow of the music with what was going on visually. And that is pretty much the highlight of the previous vids. We actually never read anything about vidding or have had any formal training, but mainly just learned from our mistakes and what we thought looked good and bad. We really reformed our vidding ways when we made Star Wars: The Saga Begins video (to Weird Al's song) -- this was when we first realized the concept of cutting clips cleanly. Anyway, now we are pretty much informed as we have now read a bunch of web pages about what looks good, and how to do things better, not to mention our couple of years of experience; not that I'm bragging about how cool we are, or anything.

Anyway, that is a lot of talk about videos. Non-video wise, I have Memorial Day pictures in the works that I want to put up at my site, and I am also making a visual compare/contrast chart about the similarities between Roswell and Smallville, as inspired by an e-mail from pepperjackcandy. Whew.