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(no subject)
California bear
My birthday is tomorrow! Woo hoo! I think it will be a pretty exciting and fun filled day. I hope.

Anyway, I was very happy about the results of my completely random poll. My favorite question was the one about raw platypus brains. I did not know I had such cannibals among my friends! Five of you picked eating a cooked human finger over raw platypus brains! Yeah, I picked cooked human finger, too. Fun times. We actually play the "would you rather eat" game a lot in my family. It's usually between two equally disgusting things like six pigeon feathers or a pig hoof. Anyway, it's a nice little game to play at dinner.

I've done three people on my Roswell/Smallville comparison list. Only like 10 left, now. Speaking of Smallville, it's good to know that Lana is at the top of everyone's hatred scale according to my completely random poll.

I'm looking into finding some Mexican recipes for you, juliedarling, BTW. :-)