June 15th, 2003

California bear

My European dream. Also, questions...

I haven't been able to write in so long. My family has been pretty demanding of my time lately. :-)

I plan on writing about my sister's graduation in detail (that I attended this last Friday), but I'm not going to take the time I do it now. I only have a few moments before the family strikes again. :-)

So, I'm going to tell about this rather bizarre dream I had last night.

It all started when I wanted to go to England with my sisters (who are going to Europe in real life next Wednesday) and then I was in the bus/van with my sisters on our way to Europe. Getting to the airport was rather weird because we had to ride horses through a muddy bog in order to get on the plane. The plane ride was pretty long, but finally we arrived in England.

The hotel was pretty great. I looked out my window and my hotel had this rather fabulous view of both Buckingham Palace and Big Ben. I don't even know if that's really possible. But it was really beautiful. In my dream, I'm walking around and having a fabulous time. I don't remember seeing my sisters, but the strangers there really loved me. Everyone just couldn't say enough positive things about me, it seemed. Finally, it's time for my sisters to go to the rest of Europe and for me to go home. Of course, I want to go to the rest of Europe with them, but my 11th grade English teacher was there and she says that I couldn't.

So, I'm walking out of the hotel, and I'm wearing a pretty crazy outfit. (I don't think I would ever wear this in real life.) It was a black jacket/blouse with black-and-white striped pants and black high heels. I'm also wearing of rather large-brimmed black hat. As I walk out of the hotel, I am accosted by these security guard type people. They say that I am perfect and then they tell me to get into this SUV. It seemed perfectly normal, so I complied.

I'm in the backseat of this black SUV and I look behind me to see who is in the row behind, and you'll never guess who it was. It was... Hanson. Zack, Taylor and Ike. In the flesh. In real life, I'm pretty composed and collected when I meet celebrities. I mean, I met Joss Whedon and I wasn't over goggle-y or crazily fanatic-ized. However, in my dream, the presence of Hanson brings out my crazy inner fan girl. I start telling them how much I absolutely love them, and how much I really loved their first album. (I should be more ashamed to admit this, whether or not it happened in a dream, but I'm just not.) Anyway, in my dream they all have really nice short hair. The last time I saw them (in real life) was on this VH1 special about bubblegum pop stars and Taylor Hanson had the longest hair. However, in my dream, it was nice short and looked really pretty. Then, I went to Hanson.net and found out that the hairstyle he had in my dream was the actual hairstyle he now has. If that's not just a little bit freaky, I don't know what is.

Anyway, in my dream, I'm really sad that I have to leave Europe and I don't get to go with my sisters. I get on the plane back to America and I ride the horse back through the mud bog to get home. Then I remember that my mom and I forgot to give my sisters their presents that we made for them for Europe. And, I also forgot to take pictures of Big Ben. On the way home, I'm with my mom, and I want to tell her about meeting Hanson. I asked her to guess who I met, and she guessed "Enson" and I'm pretty sure that Dream!Mom meant Hanson which is an amazingly accurate guess. That's all. Pretty weird, isn't it?

Well, I have been kinda bummed because I haven't been able to write, so I'm just glad to be back and writing. I even had to kick some family members out of my room to finish this entry.

The trendy interview thing that's been going around LJ sounds really fun, so if any of you want to interview me, feel completely free to ask me whatever. I know I have had a lot of fun reading everyone else's interviews. :-)

In spirit of that, anyone who wants to ask me a short question can do so by entering it into the box below. I'll answer all questions in my next entry.

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