June 18th, 2003

California bear

My first sisterless day

This morning my sisters left for Europe (4 a.m.) and they are probably still on their plane as I write this. Also, my parents and my other little sister left for Utah for couple of days so I am home alone with KeriAnn and Kurtis (two other younger siblings).

I'm trying really hard not to miss Kristine. I knew I was going to miss her, but every time I hear a voice in the other room it's like my hopes are up expecting that it's her, and then I have to tell myself that she is not going to be here until the beginning of July. So far, I think I am doing very good at not missing my family. Does that make me a bad person? :-)

Also, I need to specify that this following symbol :-) is a smiley face. I'm not sure that my mom knows this. That means I'm smiling or perhaps little sarcastic in some instances about the preceding statement.

Anyway, today I got my fourth season Buffy DVDs in the mail. I also got this load of jewelry that I bought from eBay for $20. It really is cool stuff. Except for the necklace I tried on that scratched me. Ouch. We watched many Buffy episodes today. I have to say, I think that the DVDs are worth the price just for the "Wild at Heart" (a.k.a. Oz leaves) commentary. It had Joss, Marti and Seth Green all commenting together. Funny, funny stuff.

I also spent a great deal of today contemplating working on web site stuff and also this flash fiction Everwood challenge that I am getting involved in. Just a question: does anyone have any maybe examples or a clear definition of what "angsty fluff" is? It would be a tremendous help for me. Anyway, I didn't do any of the web site or story stuff but I did download a lot of Buffy music videos from the Internet! Go me!

I also want to take the time and shout out to my good friend Barbie (stella713) who graduated high school yesterday. Go you! I'm a proud friend! Even if I did almost single-handedly convert your entire family to Buffy the Vampire Slayer and other evil TV.

Also, my friend Cecilia told me that she signed up for karate today and her first lesson is tomorrow. I'm really happy for her! In college, I always signed up for the Saturday karate class, but big surprise, there were never enough students signed up that the class always got dropped. At least I can live out my martial arts dream vicariously through Cecilia and my blackbelt sister Kristine (who also teaches Tae Kwon Do).

My mom called twice to check up on us and to tell us that she already misses us.

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