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And now for something we hope you'll really like.....
California bear
This morning I woke up pretty early (7:30) because I was falling off of my bed. I was really scared that I was seriously going to fall off. I called for my sister to help me but my efforts to reach her were futile. An hour later, my little brother came downstairs and finally helped me. Then I started working on the computer.

I'm going to make a video recommendation page on my Konnekted Twin video site, and I have been working on some new layout designs because both Kristine and I are getting tired of the light blue. (I did tell her that the blue would get old before we made the site, though.) :-) I think I'm when I go with white, but I really want to OK the color with Kristine first, and she still hasn't called us from Europe yet. I have she enjoyed the crossword puzzle we made her. I really want to watch Jeopardy right now. And I have no idea where that came from. :-)

I did some research about where my sisters were going to be at today. They are in Amsterdam, Netherlands and I looked up the weather, and it looks like it's going to be pretty cold for the next couple of days. (OK, in the 60's, but that's cold for California/Arizona girls.) I hope they brought jackets. Also, apparently there's a lot of canals there, but the water in the canals is very, very unsanitary. So I hope for their sakes that they don't fall in or touch the water. They need to be healthy for their European journey. Also, our phone wasn't working for a good part of today. So, perhaps they did call and left a message. I wish we knew how to check our messages.

I forgot to mention this yesterday, but I downloaded a lot of cool ringtones to my phone. I got: Coldplay -- Clocks and In My Place, Michelle Branch -- Goodbye to You, and The Mamas and Papas -- California Dreamin' (which is what I am sure my sisters are doing in Europe right now. Hehe.) My phone really is amazing. They aren't just those monotones, they are polymorphic or something... polyphonic and it sounds like a radio or something. It's so cool.

Anyway, I wrote back some people that have e-mailed me, but I still have a lot of messages left in my inbox. I really couldn't focus on writing people back today. Or anything for a long amount of time, really. I have been kind of scatterbrained and unfocused all day long. I will start something, get bored of it, work on something else, get bored of that, work on something else, get bored of that and then go to the first thing again. I wanted to do a really comprehensive musical review on the Evanescence CD, but I don't think I have time for it. After I'm done writing here, I'm most likely going to be watching TV with KeriAnn and then later on Cecilia is coming over. Also, Jared might show up tonight, too.

Another great poll:

Which is the grossest:

Mayonnaise on a breakfast sandwich
Dirty Dutch canal water
Something really putrid and puss-filled
The Buffy episode "Doublemeat Palace"

Pretty, pretty boy!
California bear
Check out my hot moving Sark! I'm so pleased! Right now I'm systematically replacing all of my icons so that they are all pretty moving icons. I also did a nice little John and Aeryn icon -- which I think is beautifully sweet. I'm on the verge of animating Lex, next. Fun, fun, fun, fun, fun!

And, a nice little poll:
Poll #148049 Interesting...

You would rather have someone be...

Genuinely evil
Fakely good