June 21st, 2003


Crabs update, and Fastlane rant

I worked a lot on my nice little Everwood story today. It's a lot trickier than I thought it would be because it's through Amy's point of view and I'm not that sympathetic toward Amy, so it's hard being real when all I want to do is to scream at the freaking girl.

I think my crabs are a lot happier in their new habitat, but I think that Sark still wants his freedom. Also, I think he might be a little bit suicidal because he keeps on climbing up the fake palm tree and jumping off. I might have to dedicate a part of the habitat as a nice little sandbox area and another part as a little pool for him to splash around in. That should cheer him up, right?

My sister finally called today! She said that they are having an absolute blast in Amsterdam, even with their accidental visit to the Red light district. I'm so glad that she is safe and also that she has Sean hanging out with her and protecting her, because she said that she almost got hit by a trolley and by bicyclers. She says it's because the sidewalks and the roads look a lot alike. I told her that the canals were really dirty and not to go swimming in them.

KeriAnn's friend Melissa came over tonight and we watched Zoolander which was a pretty stupid movie, but it was pretty funny. We also watched 2 delicious episodes of Fastlane. Watching the reruns kind of makes me understand why the show got canceled. I mean, yes, you have beautiful shirtless guys walking around toting guns and acting all tough yet sensitive at the same time, but I so hope the LAPD is not run the way it is on the show. There are so many times that I'm going "huh?" That it's pretty ridiculous. First of all, you've got the boss Billy (or as I like to call her, Kelly Kapowski) who is a former heroin addict now in charge of a multimillion dollar "candy store" where she has almost exclusive access to fancy cars, beautiful jewelry, hundreds of thousands of dollars in cash, and, oh yeah, lots of illegal drugs. How did she get this job again? Then Deaq is a former gang banger turned cop involved with the "candy store". Also, I'm not sure how they maintain their cover when they are continually busting people left and right. Word never gets out? Anyway, if you ignore like major facts like that and just concentrate on how hot and pretty the people are on the show, it is a pretty decent show.

KeriAnn is flipping out about Harry Potter. She wanted to go to store and get the book at midnight even though I have ordered it on Amazon and it's going to be here tomorrow. It was very hard to convince her that her idea was not very logical.

I just love using polls:

If you had to be either one or the other you would pick:

All-knowing, yet unable to tell anyone
Cursed with the complete inability to keep secrets

My laziness, hopeful iconage, and making the best of my paid account

FedEx man brought my Harry Potter book today. Yay!

I was thinking about doing a review on Evanescence, but it turns out that I was way too lazy for that. I worked on my web site for a little bit, though. And on my story. I got one more sentence in! I need to check and see if I speak this week or next week in church. Because if it's tomorrow, that's not good.

The parents come home today and my brother and sister have been cleaning the garage for them. Considering how bad the garage was, this was an incredibly nice thing for them to do. They are picking up the downstairs right now.

I really want to make myself a Lane Kim icon (a moving one of her drumming) but I have to wait until my dad gets home because my capture device isn't hooked up correctly. I could probably make it work, but instructing others to do so doesn't give me the results I need. I also want to do an Everwood icon. I was thinking of Dr. Abbott when he was waving to Andy in the episode "The Miracle of Everwood." I love him. If I wasn't going to do the Lane Kim icon, I would probably go for a Luke icon. It would be him just looking really sexy. Hehe. I also wanted to do a starwars icon, but I'm not sure which character I should do. I was thinking Luke, because, he's my favorite, but episode one Ewan MacGregor is really hot. Dilemma.

Speaking of dilemmas, I am missing episodes of Everwood, Smallville, Angel, Gilmore Girls and Farscape. I did so badly taping shows this year. My motto for next TV season is: never again! I'm now going to record as I watch. Until the end of time. I still have episodes of Buffy, 24, And Gilmore Girls on my satellite that I have yet to record to tape.

I hope my sisters are having fun in Europe. I think they go to Germany today. Woo hoo!

Another practically pointless poll:

Who was the best crime solver out of these choices?

Perry Mason
Darkwing Duck
Nancy Drew