June 26th, 2003

California bear

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Yesterday was spent reading Harry Potter (we only have 126 pages left, now) and getting the rest of the house ready for our guests. Our guests arrived at 11:30 p.m., and after a little bit of talking/catching up went to bed because they had Magic Mountain the next day.

So, despite my attempt at ignoring the noise downstairs and sleeping in, I was roused from my fake-slumber to print out directions from Magic Mountain to their hotel. I think I'm some type of Prodigy at doing that. Perhaps it's one of my superpowers? Hmmm. I'm still pretty tired.

Happy, happy, happy birthday to the beautiful, sweet and talented keenai. I hope it's a good one, fellow June bug! ;-)

And, because I am practically addicted to them, another poll:

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California bear


I spent most of today reading Harry Potter and watching Gilmore girls. Exhausting, isn't it? I still have like three more chapters until I am finished.

I decided I take this time to talk about superpowers. Now, I don't want to sound all "M. Knight Shyamalan's Unbreakable" but I believe that every human has a superpower. It may sound pretty far out, but I think it is true. Now, most of the time the superpowers one possesses aren't like invulnerability, superstrength, heat vision, or superspeed, but are a little more mundane, but nonetheless, pretty useful.

I developed this idea, well, came across it, really, while I was in high school. I used to date this guy, let's call him Johnny, who told me about his secret superpower. Now, you may not believe this because I still think it is pretty incredible, but he had a superpower of always arriving to a movie before the opening credits started rolling. It doesn't sound that cool, but it was pretty useful while we were dating. We would look at the paper to find what time a movie started, and even if the movie had already started by five minutes, Johnny would get us there before the opening credits every single time. This led me to discover my superpowers.

For example, since being paralyzed, I've developed a keen understanding (almost like communication) with any and all electrical devices. So, if a problem arises with something electrical, be it computers, VCRs, or light switches, it's like I can detect what the problem is and have someone fix it (almost all of the time). Another superpower I have just recently discovered that I possess is the ability to coerce people into becoming addicted to television shows. It's not like my superpowers are the best, I'm sure there are other people that have my superpowers, and theirs are probably more highly developed, but I still think it is cool.

I also think that I am psychic sometimes, but I'm not so sure whether this is an actual superpower, or is just something weird about me. I say that I think I am psychic because whenever someone hangs around me enough, they start thinking of the exact same things that I think of. I think it's because I project my thoughts into their minds. But it also could be wishful thinking on my part (although, of course, I would love to believe otherwise.)

So, is there anything inherently unusual about any of you that you could believe to be a superpower? I would love to know.
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