June 27th, 2003

California bear

Yay! Pretty new Journal.

We finally finished reading Harry Potter yesterday night. Phew. That's all I have to say for now.

Cecilia and her brother and sister came over last night. We watched the second season Angel episode "Dead End" -- you know, the one where Lindsey gets the evil hand. It inspired my newest icon. I plan on having one icon for every show I am obsessed with. I picked Lindsey for Angel because he's hot. Or, as my sister Kristine would say, he's hott. I would totally lick him. Cecilia and her brother spent the night and left pretty early this morning.

I spent a lot of today writing my talk, and then I changed the layout for my Journal. OK, I'm kind of lying. I just changed minor things like mouse over links, colored scrollbar, and now I have a couple of other links at the top of my page. Oh yeah, the font is also different. Anyway, I'm glad that I finally figured out how to work it. I discovered that editing a style in easy mode was a lot more trickier and harder than doing it the hard way.

My dad just came in the room and farted, loudly.

Anyway, only five people have told me their special superpowers. I cannot tell you how happy and amused that makes me. So, if you haven't filled out this poll, please go over and do so! I will post everyone's answers later on.

Speaking of polls:

Are you going to be watching a new show next season, if so let me know!


Smells good, but that's about it.