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My sisters got back yesterday night (my dad's birthday) and are now home safe and sound. They also got me a lot of European presents including some perfume from France and some mustard from Dijon. Kristine also got me some Paprika Pringles from some store in England (I think) and I think I am going to save them until my friend sistakgirl comes to visit me. She actually is Paprika Spice. Ahhh, the good old "spice" days. Anyway, I'm very happy that they are well and that nothing went wrong.

My dad's birthday went pretty well, yesterday. We took him to the movies and saw HULK, (the movie was kind of lame, but we still had fun). Then we went to Farmer Boys for dinner. I should note this: if ever a restaurant brags about its "world-famous" anything, that's probably the thing to order. They had signs everywhere displaying how their burgers were the best, so even though I wasn't in a hamburger mood, I ordered a cheeseburger which was pretty delicious. My mom's salad looked pretty good, but my dad ordered the fish and chips and he said it really sucked. My other sister had Mexican food there onetime and she said it blew. So my cheeseburger choice was a good one. Anyway, happy birthday my papa!

Today I wore my new London shirt that my sister brought back for me and also some of my new perfume. I smell very good. We played 500 today, but my KonnektedTwin (Kristine) really wasn't into it, so it wasn't that fun. Plus, we lost. It's always more fun when you don't do that.

Anyway, Happy Fourth of July everyone!