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It's about Time
California bear
I spent most of today brainstorming on new web site layouts. It was taxing work, let me tell you. Doing it made me realize that I am pretty stupid. Or, perhaps I am just really tired and my brain cells aren't firing right. I also read somewhere that drinking water helps the brain cells fire a faster rate or something. Since I haven't had that much water today, perhaps that is what is causing the stupidity.

I am also really bummed out because one of my good friends runs this awards web site, and she is under attack from someone who didn't win the contest. They are posting mean things about her site, and have even constructed a graphic urging people not to participate in her contest. So, it's bumming me out because I know how hard she works on the site, and this person really hurt her feelings.

In less depressing news, I saw Pirates of the Caribbean yesterday with my sister, her friend, my brother, and friends Cecilia, Barbie, Chris and Catherine. The movie was EXCELLENT. Johnny Depp really stole every single scene he was in. It was fantastic. I also watched this, which is a sort of interview with the actors and actress in the Pirates of the Caribbean. It has Orlando, Kiera, and Johnny all talking about the movie and the parts they play. Also worth checking out on the same page: the interview with Mandy Moore. The girl is classy, and I love her. She is outgrowing her "bubblegum pop" status, but not with the same immature flamboyance as fellow pop divas Christina and Britney. I love her. :)

I stayed home today when my mom and sister went to see Legally Blonde 2. I'm glad, because they said it wasn't worth it. So I'll just have to remember to watch it when it comes out on video. There are still so many things that I need to see that are in the theater: The Italian Job, Alex and Emma, and one more I'm probably forgetting. Oh yeah, Finding Nemo.

We also got our windows tinted in our house today. It looks very nice. I would say it looks about 100 times better than the aluminum foil we put up last year. Yay for tinted windows!! Also, there were bugs in my crab tank. I do not know what they were doing flying around there, but I'm pretty sure that I read somewhere on the Internet that crabs + bugs = imminent crab death. I had my brother rinse out my tank. Sark was happy to have a break from tank life, and looked rejuvenated when we put him back in. Lex is still looking really, really sad. He hates every single shell in the tank, so he's just a hermit crab without a home. I feel for the poor little guy. I hope he finds a shell that he likes, stays in it, regrows his legs, and does not die.

My mom met our brand-new next-door neighbors yesterday. They seem really nice. They have a nine-year-old girl and a 15 month old boy. My sister Katelynne has already made friends with their daughter. Yay!

Another happy thing: I discovered Lillix, and they seem like a really cute girl group. I ordered their CD off of mymusic.com and it comes with an autographed CD jacket, cool sticker, and official guitar pick. Total cost: $11.99. That makes me very happy because I feel like I have found a really cool bargain. For those so inclined, I would recommend downloading "It's about Time" -- it's really cute and fun.

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