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Italian Job, cars, and HELP!
California bear
Well, we've had this old friend from Phoenix staying with us for the past couple of days. He left last night, though. Yay.

I finally saw The Italian Job yesterday night with Cecilia and Kristine. I really loved this movie. Plus, it gave me this great idea for a story. I haven't actually worked out any of the major details of the story, but I kind of want it to be a rogue spy comedy. I also think it would be cool if my story involved nuclear bombs. But, I was probably channeling Critical Assembly as I was watching The Italian Job last night. I watched half of it (Critical Assembly) this morning. I don't know why Isabel doesn't use her alien powers to dream walk someone and get back The Nuclear Bomb. Also, I don't know what her real name is in the movie, but I swear everyone keeps on calling her "Izzy."

Anyway, my parents bought a new car yesterday. Actually, it's a used new car, and they don't have it yet because it's being checked out or something. But, that's pretty cool. I think that brings the grand total of cars we have to... five? Yep. Five. And we only have three people at my house that can drive. Kristine is getting her license pretty soon, and KeriAnn doesn't have a job so therefore can't afford to drive because she can't pay insurance. My brother moved out just recently, and he took his two cars with him. If he were still here, we would have seven vehicles at my house.

Other than that, not much has been going on. We are trying desperately to make a Spike/Buffy video, but are running into difficulties because... I don't know why. We are not exactly pro-Spike/Buffy so making this video comes as a real challenge to us. We thought we had the perfect song (t.a.t.u.'s "Show Me Love" -- the Long version) and we are just hating it right now. We want to do different song. We have captured about 20GB of Spike/Buffy scenes, and dadgummit, we want to use them. If any of you have suggestions on a good song, please, PLEASE let me know! We are looking for something with a nice solid, medium-fast to fast beat that describes angsty Spike/Buffy love. "Always" by Saliva is sort of out of the question because it has been overdone, and any song by Evanescence is also off-limits to us. However, we are game for just about anything else (except for country). HELP!