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Another somewhat quick update...
California bear
Well, I have been a really busy Gina lately. [FYI: "Gina" seems to be my own personal code word for "girl"] I had double company on Tuesday night: first Sena and Aaron Moesser (my newlywed friends who are just so adorable together) and then I think my friend Barbie came over. Fun times!

My sister and I have just agreed to maintain and run The Buffinator Awards. It seems like a huge undertaking, and we are currently redoing a lot of the layout and thinking about changing some of the rules. Anyway, Faith was a pretty good friend of ours, and she is just way too stressed-out to do it anymore. I hope it's fun.

We also finished our Spuffy trailer: "The Slayer and the Vampire" -- it's only 1:38 long, and we're pretty happy about how it turned out. Any feedback/criticism is totally welcome.

I also went to The San Diego Comiccon today with my friend Cecilia and my brother Kurtis. I got to meet the glorious boofadil, and I also got to see Ben Browder in person! I also saw Richard Manning, Virginia Hey, Jonathan Hardy, David Franklin, Wayne Pygram, Francesca Buller and Lani Tupu. It was great hearing them discuss the show; you can really tell how much they all loved it just by the tone of their voices, really. Great stuff. I will do a more thorough recount later. Oh yeah, I also got an autographed T-shirt and baseball hat, which was pretty cool. [Sometimes being wheelchair-ized has its advantages.]

Anyway, I hope that everyone is having a great weekend. I hope that juliedarling isn't stressing out too much. My thoughts are with you, Gina. (Or should I say, "my thoughts are with you, dawg"?)

Also: I am writing a compilation of why I friended all of my friends. Even though there are only 30 of you, it is a pretty taxing task. I just love you guys all so much. :-)


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