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Watch my video! Eat hot cheetos!
Hey. I still can't believe how many people prefer ketchup over mustard. It seems that me and my sister, keriann, are the only ones who like mustard more. I just realized that I wrote "me and my sister" when it should have been "my sister and I." Blah. I don't want to fix it. I mean, I do, but I've already written so much that it would be silly to fix it now. So, for all of you grammar snobs out there (and I know I have a few on my friends list) I am aware of the mistake. Anyway, mustard rules! I think I could put it on anything. And, I mean that literally. Ice cream, Twinkies, cereal. They would all taste better with mustard. OK, maybe not better, but I would still eat it. I love mustard. Love it! However, I'm the same way with hot cheetos. I. Love. Them. I seriously would eat them with everything, had I the choice. Some members of my family hate giving them to me, though -- they say it reminds them too much of Styrofoam or something. Plus, it has a tendency to turn fingers bright red. Who cares, though. Hot cheetos rock! They are one of my food groups.

Speaking of food groups, I think the other of my food groups can be summarized as these: cup of noodle soup, chili, pizza and spicy chicken. It's not that healthy, but on my defense, I do take a lot of vitamin C and other vitamins. I like to fortify myself against illnesses.

I could have spent today doing a lot of more useful things, but instead I squandered my day on trivial things and got nothing much of substance done. Well, besides The crossword puzzle my mom and I are making for my grandparents. We almost have that completely done.

Well, I have been spazzing about my Spike/Buffy fake movie trailer -- because I love it so. I love it so much I want to eat it. With mustard. And hot cheetos. Anyway, I should probably write about my convention experience, but I think I'm going to save it until after I have my pictures developed. I hate not having my digital camera. I loved that thing so much I would have married it. OK, not literally. Now I'm looking for replacements and it has been unfun.

I should sign up for some classes. I need to sign up for at least nine credits this semester. Yeep. I better get on that. OK, I just realized that this has been a completely/mostly useless post. Blah. Eat cheetos! Watch my video! What else... have a great night! Oh yeah, never drive while tired or drunk. Never let anyone you know drive tired or drunk or high. That makes this entry worth a little bit, right? ;-)
Poll #159246 Camera time.

How do you take pictures?

With my digital camera.
With my old-school 35mm.
With disposable cameras.