July 24th, 2003

California bear

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Yesterday I registered for classes! Yay! I am taking three classes (nine credits) and they are all completely online classes, which means I never have to leave my house! Yay! I am taking environmental science, and two computer science classes: JAVA programming, and SQL programming. Those two sound really hard, so it should be a fun challenge.

My sister and I have also (rather extensively) updated The Buffinator Awards -- which took most of Tuesday to do. We changed the layout, and changed the peer voting process, as well as some of the rules. I just hope we don't invoke the hatred of people, as the former Webmasters unwittingly did.

We are also making a Harry Potter video, which is coming along pretty well. We chose the most perfect song, so it's going to be great. It's sort of a Harry Potter ensemble piece. Good stuff.

Yesterday, in order to take a break from capturing Harry Potter, we watched The Patriot, which I had recorded from TBS a while ago. We really liked it, except for (for some reason) my recording failed capture the last 15 minutes or so of the movie, so we were left right at the part after Heath Ledger dies. That made us sort of mad.