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California bear
On Thursday, I had a lovely day which started out by visiting a neighborhood lady. That was fun. Once I got home, I played Scrabble with my mom and brother. Usually, I totally win at this game, but I lost by five points to my mom. What can I say? I did set her up for triple word score. After we ate taco salad dinner while watching Jeopardy and Wheel of Fortune, my dad, mom, my sister and I sat down and played my favorite card game. I can't remember if we won, but I think we did. I love the game. Kristine and her friend wanted to do something fun, but since it was dark, my mom wouldn't let her. I suggested seeing a movie, and before we know it, we are hopping in the van to see "How to Deal" and "Pirates of the Caribbean" -- and by "we" I mean my mom, three sisters, Kristine's friend Brittany and we met my friend Cecilia and her brother Chris at the theater.

Since I had already seen "How to Deal" I decided to see Pirates again because it was much better, not to rag on my favorite girl Mandy Moore. So, my sisters (KeriAnn and Kristine) and Brittany went to see Mandy Moore, and the rest of us went to see Johnny Depp and Orlando Bloom. My mom loved this movie so much that she saw it again on Friday with my dad, and again on Saturday with the whole family. She also got the soundtrack for her birthday on Saturday.

So, I've seen Pirates a total of three times. It's amazing how much I didn't get the first time I watched it. Anyway, it was most enjoyable.

Speaking of enjoyable, so was Saturday, my mom's birthday. We all went to see Pirates again, and then we went to dinner at Mongolian barbecue. Good stuff. Then she and my dad went to the mall to get matching shirts and the soundtrack. When my parents returned, they were both wearing matching shirts -- which they changed into at the store. I think that's so cute.

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