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Site stuff, Pirates, INNERPLAID
California bear
Yay. I'm finally making a good site design for my videos site. I have been mostly working on that for almost the entire day. So much coding. Yes, I'm a dork who does all of her own HTML. I can't help it. If I do it otherwise, I feel like I don't have as much control. I love having the control.

Anyway, my sister and I did work briefly on another Spuffy video. We have so much leftover footage we figured we would use it while it's on my computer. It seems a shame to just trash 20GB of video after only making a ninety second video. The song we are using is so priceless; I laugh just thinking about it.

*insert clever segue here* I love the character of Elizabeth Swan from Pirates of the Caribbean. She is such a classy heroine. She's brave without being butch; she's feminine without being girly or slutty; she's everything a regular hero should be, and she's a woman. I think she's my favorite female character ever. (And, when I say ever, I mean everything except for books.)

Speaking of Pirates, my mom got the soundtrack for her birthday, and I got a copy. The music is awesome. I encoded my favorite song to an MP3 so I could share with you all. Which, I would be doing right now except for my server is down. I'm really sad, but this is the first time this has ever happened, so I hope it clears up soon.

I would also like to proclaim my love for INNERPLAID. INNERPLAID is my friend's band, and the music is so great. What I love about the music and the songs, is that they never try to be something that they're not. INNERPLAID is just 100% genuine -- even if it is, sometimes, 100% silliness. I really just love realness, you know? Anyway, I mentioned this because INNERPLAID is making a comeback really soon. I know I can't wait. I will let you all know when the web site is up again.

Yay. I just checked, and my server is no longer down. So, I uploaded the track. You will recognize this song as the song that is playing when Captain Jack Sparrow arrives at Port Royal. Right-click and save this link -- 128KB bps, stereo, about 1.5MB. So, if you like this, you will love the entire CD. Good stuff, all around.