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Movies, hatred, Noah's ark, and quiz
California bear
I saw two movies at the theater today: Freaky Friday and Spy Kids 3-D. Let me just say that the first one was very cute and totally worth seeing in the theaters. I had more fun at the last 3-D show I saw in the theaters which was, I believe, a documentary on Caribbean fish. At one point, I even fell asleep during Spy Kids. Luckily, I was awake during Elijah Wood's cameo. I bet you didn't know that he was in this movie, did you? It shocked the heck out of me.

Eep. I have to finish this Smallville flash fiction I'm doing, and it's getting so hard. I really liked what I wrote, but then the next day I read it, and absolutely hated it. So, I'm not sure if I'm going to trash what I have now, and completely redo everything, or try and make it work. Oh yeah, while I'm on this subject, would anyone be willing to be my beta? I just need someone to read through it and tell me what sounds stupid. I will probably get it done by Sunday (the 10th) and it is due on the 12th.

I just realized that I had a misspelling within my interests a couple of days ago. I wrote "hating Russel Crowe" and it should have been "hating Russell Crowe" -- how embarrassing. You know, I don't really hate all that many things or people, but what I do, I'm not scared to admit that I do. For instance, right now, if Russell Crowe were to walk up to me and say, "you hate me?" I would have no problem telling him why. I am willing to back up my hatred on a face-to-face basis, which I think is important. It's easy to say that you hate something or someone when you don't think that they are going to find out and confront you about it, but much harder to admit it out loud when you think they will. Not that I think that Russell Crowe really gives a turkey's hind feather that I hate him, but it makes me happy. The following are also on my shameless hatred list: Barbra Streisand, Kmart, Vivendi Universal, Sci-fi Channel, and Everybody Loves Raymond. They can all eat rotten eggs.

However, there are some things, and people that I hate for no known reasons. I really do not have a reason to intensely dislike Toby Maguire -- but I just do. Every time I see him onscreen I just want to poke my eye out with something sharp. He does a great job in his films, but I just HATE him. I've tried to figure out what bugs me about him, and I just can't; I just hate him for no good reason at all. I also hate Charmed. I've never even seen an entire episode, but I just hate it. I even call it, "The Ugly Girls Show" -- and I hate everyone on the show, too. Is there any reason at all? No. I would rather stare at a blank wall for an hour than watch that show, though, and I have no idea why. I guess you could say that these are on my irrational hatred list.

Also, I was wondering about Noah's ark. Say that it's possible for eight people to take care of thousands of animals on a 420 ft. ship for a year. What I want to know, is how the animals migrated to different continents after they landed? Did Noah send many dispatch teams to all the different continents? After they landed, did they make a couple of mini-arks so that there would be animals on the American and Australian continents? And what about all of the islands of the sea? Did they just drop off some animals along the way whenever they saw land? Not that I'm discounting the story found in Genesis chapters 6-7, I'm just saying that there's something that we don't know, and it bugs me.

I really hope that you get to know everything after you die, because if you don't, I'm not sure I want to die. I think I will skip it altogether until I know absolutely everything there is to know, then I will agree to die. I mean, there's some stuff I would really love to know about: dinosaurs, aliens, ghosts, Stonehenge, The Bermuda Triangle, most of the stuff in the Bible, and so forth. Well, I think that's good enough for today. There was something I wanted to write about, but I can't even remember what it was.

Oh yeah, I created a quiz: What Buffy Summers pairing are you? Go ahead and take it! It's all fun.