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Hello again and weird dream
California bear
Can't believe I haven't updated in a week. Well, more than a week.

It has been pretty busy over here. School started for my K-12 siblings on the 13th, and we have been doing family prayers in the morning at 5:45 a.m since then. School started for the college kids in my family (three of us) on the 18th. Of course, it is not too stressful for me since I don't actually go to school, I just check-in to the web site everyday. My other sisters (KeriAnn and Kellie) have been driving to school (they go to school on Monday and Wednesday). Let's just say that Kellie is not pleased with the driving arrangements.

Speaking of driving arrangements, Kristine went and got her driver's license last Friday (not yesterday) and she has been driving to school and work ever since. She's pretty happy about that.

Blah blah blah. I feel like this entry is very boring, so I'm going to "spice it up" a little bit by telling you about this CRAZY dream I had the other night.

I was at a Coldplay concert. It was pretty rocking: the band was pretty awesome, the audience (although somewhat small) was loving it, and they looked like they were performing in a church or something. That was pretty weird. After the concert was over, I somehow managed to either convince The security guards, or slip undetected passed them, so I could meet the band.

First, I met Chris Martin. It was weird talking to him. I told him how much I really loved the music, and he seemed genuinely touched. Since Chris is the lead singer, you'd think that the rest of my dream would focus on him -- not so. Then I met the guitarist, Jon Buckland -- and, in my dream, he was much more shaven. For some completely weird reason, we totally hit it off, and we were talking like old friends. I convinced him to stay instead of leave with his band in their van.

I bet you're saying, "that's nice Kim. But, was there kissing?" The answer to that is yes. Dream!Jon Buckland was very nice. Yum. Anyway, we were walking along and somehow we got into discussion about Jennifer Garner. I guess Jon knew her, and he asked me what it was like working with her. That's because in my dream, I am a spy. I work at SD-6 with Arvin Sloane and Jennifer Garner (not Sydney Bristow). I told him it's nice, etc. He said that he likes her, but she needs to stop walking around in such slutty outfits. I think, during the course of this dream I actually went on a mission with Jennifer Garner, and I got to meet Arvin Sloane.

Wait a minute, I do remember a little bit of The Mission. There was this pregnant lady, her husband, and her boyfriend and they are all getting into their beat up little car. The husband got into the driver's seat, the boyfriend took the middle seat, and the wife got The passenger side. The husband was saying something like, "Honey, you need to get your seat belt on." All of the sudden, I appeared out of nowhere, and I yelled, "NO!" And I snatched the wife out of the passenger seat of the car right before it completely exploded. And that was the end of dream.

Anyway, I have been working this entry for the past four days, so I'm going to stop right now and finally upload this one.

ETA: This is my 100th journal entry!