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(no subject)
California bear
Have you ever wondered if you could watch music videos as a job? Well, if you have, or even if you haven't, but you think it now sounds pretty cool, do I have an offer for you!

As you may or may not know, my sister and I took over The Buffinator Awards site last July. A couple of our judges won't be able to judge for September, and I'm looking a couple of people to fill-in for this month. So, it is kind of like a job, except for you don't get paid. I guess it's more like volunteer work.

Anyway, the details: submissions will be closed on the 25th of this month, and I will need someone with an interest in both vidding and Buffy to look over the dozens of entries in the contest. Judges pick a first and second choice for each of the seven categories, and they pick one vid for a category called "judge's choice." Judges are expected to turn in their results by the third of October. You don't have to be a vidder, but it would be cool if you knew at least a little bit about music videos. If you're interested, let me know and I can send you more details.

In other news, I've dropped my Java class! Being six assignments behind everyone else, and realizing that I could not possibly turn in any of the assignments and actually get a decent grade on them (by the time they are one day late, they are basically worth no points) finally pushed me to do it. I love the class, by the way, it's just pretty much impossible for me to do well. I will take it again next semester. This entire day I had a lovely feeling of freedom.

My poor little friend Cecilia (chechibean) was so sick yesterday she couldn't even come over and watch OC with us. I hope she's feeling better today.

I also really want to make it over to Burbank this November for the Farscape con, so I have to convince my dad that it's a good idea. I would have tried my coercions on him yesterday, but he told me he was in a mood 3 out of 10 -- and I couldn't risk the possibility of a negative answer because of bad mood factors.

Oh yeah, my brother got married on Monday to Jennifer Tucker. Elopement in Vegas! Now they are going to live in the garage bedroom which Kristine had been occupying. Kristine is now going to be living in Kurtis' old bedroom, and Kurtis is going to be in the huge closet next to my room. Anyhow, the house is kind of undergoing some rearrangements today and yesterday.

Yesterday I helped a lady from Church with her computer. I thought it was very lovely and sort of refreshing to teach someone who knows next to nothing about computers. She kept on trying to double-click Internet links. Isn't that cute?

The more I watch OC, the more I start to dislike Marissa and the more my love grows for Seth. Summer is starting to get on my good side, and Ryan is in the neutral apathy region with me. I don't really like Jimmy, and I don't think I would mind if he spent the rest of his life locked up in jail. The parents are really great. I love them both. I would, however, love to know the back story of how a dude from the Bronx got to be such a surfer.

That's about it. Yay! Freedom!