September 26th, 2003


Mostly television

I have about 1000 other things to do -- about three beginnings of papers written -- but I decided to write here.

I went through my old stuff today from this trunk I had in the garage. I found all of my old corsages from high school dances (yes, I kept all eight of them). I found a bunch of weird stuff I had no idea I was keeping. I also found a box of old notes and letters from my first love. I reread them all, and I have been feeling special all day long. I basically kept all of his letters and notes; and there were quite a few -- at least 10. I also kept dumb things like a piece of paper that he wrote his pager number on, and a piece of paper with his number on it. I also had an old envelope which used to contain either our homecoming or Christmas dance pictures. It was great stuff. I think that everyone should have old letters and notes tucked away somewhere that they can bring out occasionally and read.

I don't think anyone really completely gets over his/her first (real) love. I know in my following relationships, I always tried to remake the magic I had with my first love. I know it's always going to be different with different new relationships, but I never wanted it to be different; I wanted the same thing. I was either stupid or naïve not to realize that it can never be re-created. Those were good times, though. And, I think even though it's been... just about seven years since then, I will always have a soft spot in my heart for him.

Anyway, enough weird mushy stuff. Let's talk about TV.

First: Everwood. Collapse )

Second: Gilmore Girls. Collapse )

Third: MI-5 Collapse )

Fourth: One Tree Hill Collapse )