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Smallville and Angel
California bear
More TV!

Smallville. [Spoilers for Wednesday 's episode below]

Mini-summary: Clark is still MIA from Smallville, but living it up in Metropolis by stealing money from ATMs, and robbing banks. Meanwhile, Lex grapples with a scary island guy (who ends up being a figment of his imagination) stranded on a tropical island in the middle of nowhere. Everyone in Smallville wants Clark to return. Jonathan says he needs to leave and find him. He takes the octagonal key to the caves, and gets zapped by Energy -- and visited by the voice of Jor-El, Clark's biological father. As Clark is stealing something from Lionel Luthor's vault, Jonathan confronts him, and using newfound physical strength and speed tackles Clark right out of the window. And then... to be continued!

Kimmentary: I really didn't like seeing Clark stealing money from banks, because I know he's not going to be going to prison for his crimes, and I think that is unfair. I realize that the red kryptonite has a hold of him, but it still really bothers me. Also, on a comparative note, I was thinking to myself of the similarities between Buffy and Smallville. At the end of second season Buffy, Buffy flees Sunnydale just as Clark leaves Smallville. Contrastingly, Clark chose his banishment, while Buffy was pretty much forced into it. At the beginning of third season Buffy is trying to live a normal life in LA, just as Clark is trying to get on with his life in Metropolis. However, Buffy earns a legitimate living in a humble apartment, while Clark is living large in a huge penthouse. Everyone in Sunnydale tries to live without Buffy -- while not giving up hope, they try to move on with their lives. This is practically the opposite in Smallville's case. It would have been far more interesting to see the group trying to move on, to see them deal with a problem without Clark to save them. Instead, they are all waiting around practically doing nothing. Their only crisis is that Clark is not with them, to grace everyone with the wonderfulness that is his presence. Blah! Also, at the end of last season Clark says, "the farm is finally out of debt." Now, they are losing the farm after one summer without Clark? How much sense does that not make?

I also found it interesting that Lex was hallucinating about Lewis (his imaginary island buddy). Like PjC, I was also contemplating the significance of the name Lewis. Lewis represents the more primal and psychopathic side of Lex, and, as evidenced by Lex's "slaying" of Lewis, a path that Lex himself is not willing to explore. Perhaps, it has something to do with "Lewis and Clark" -- the famous explorers? Other than that, the only other person named Lewis that we know about, is Lewis Lang -- Lana's fake dad. Anyway, it is good to know that Lionel did not have anything to do with Helen's plan to kill Lex. I always thought she was sort of evil. It doesn't really make a lot of sense, though. Oh well, I guess the character of Helen is suffering from an EMHB like syndrome.

Angel. [Spoilers for Wednesday's episode below]

Mini-summary: The Angel Crew find themselves in charge of a huge evil law firm! They don't want to let evil continue, but they have to let this one scumbag guy get away with it, otherwise he will detonate a bomb killing everyone in California! Harmony is Angel's new secretary. Cordelia is in a coma. Gunn got zapped by Wolfram and Hart's knowledge of the law electricity ray. Fred decorates the lab with a Dixie Chicks poster, while yelling at all of her scientists. Wesley continues to be really hot. Lorne sponsors a karaoke-a-thon to weed out all the truly evil employees. Angel kills this dude who is really into killing school-age children. And, at the end, Spike is resurrected right out of his beautiful little amulet!

Kimmentary: First of all, what is up with Angel's hair? It does not look good. Cut it! Secondly, I think that Fred's little lab partner (Knox) is evil. I don't know if that makes me like him more or less. Thirdly, from here on out, I'm going to stop counting my points. Anyway, I just want to say that I thought Spike appearing from the amulet was good continuity; I mean, Angel came back when Buffy put the ring on the ground in his mansion, right? So, why wouldn't Spike be able to come back from the dead after his shiny necklace hits the ground? I'm just sad Spike came back fully clothed. (Kidding.) Obviously, jewelry in the Joss-verse has magical properties which can bring vampires back to life. It makes sense. The only thing that doesn't make sense, is where the amulet came from in the first place. Who mailed it? Didn't it disintegrate with Spike? At this point, I'm saying it was the First Evil. The FE claimed it was responsible for Angel's resurrection. Probably one of the leftover harbingers found that necklace lying around in the rubble and mailed it to Wolfram and Hart. It could happen, right?

Anyway, that's all for today. I think I will do Friends and CSI later on. Everybody be sure and watch Joan of Arcadia tonight! My boyfriend is going to be on the show! Also, from the previews, it looks like Joan's whiny paraplegic brother might get a chance to walk again! I highly doubt it though.