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TV: Friends, CSI, Joan of Arcadia, Alias
California bear
Hey, this weekend was pretty cool. On Saturday, I got a call from my friend Justin asking if he could come up and see me later on that day. So, I got to see Justin on Saturday and he and his friend Crystal spent the night and left Sunday morning. It was really cool to catch up with him. We burned a lot of CDs. It was cool.

Anyway, I'm here to make a report on the television I've watched.

I. Friends [spoilers below for last Thursday's episode]
Mini-summary: Ross catches Rachel and Joey smooching, but he's FINE about it, except, not literally, because it's Ross. We finally get to see Phoebe's brother and the triplets again. (And, yay! Giovanni Ribisi!) Monica and Chandler go to speak with another couple about adoption, and Chandler accidentally tells their son (unaware of his adopted status) about it.

Kimmentary: I was very happy to see Frank Jr. again. I especially loved the joke that Frank Jr. Jr. told (and the delivery was so perfect): what is green, and says, "hey, I'm a frog"? -- a talking frog! Good stuff. I didn't really like the double date. I thought the episode was pretty funny, though.

II. CSI [spoilers below for last Thursday's episode]
Mini-summary: Grissom (I believe that's the bearded guy's name) solves the double murder of a serial killing couple! Those two girls bust a guy for accidentally killing a sports fan.

Kimmentary: I don't like watching crime shows. Want to know why? Well, I'm going to tell you anyway. When you watch CSI -- who solves the crimes? The crime scene investigators! When you watch The Profiler who solves the crimes? The profiler! When you watch Dragnet who solves the crimes? The detective-cops! So, in real life, who really solves the crimes? I wish I knew. I've watched way too much television, and have no idea how the criminal justice system works. Anyway, Grissom gets on my nerves. I was happy when that cop-dude called him a Pansy. Because he so is. I'm not sure how much longer I'm going to be watching this show anymore. Once Fox starts up with their fall lineup, I will probably drop it.

III. Joan of Arcadia [spoilers below for last Friday's episode]
Mini-summary: Accused of squandering her potential, Joan enrolls in an AP chemistry class. She asks God to heal her brother (who can't walk) but God says no. Later on, she tells God that she thinks the reason he asked her to try harder was so that one day she could become a scientist and find a cure for her brother. God, however, works in mysterious ways. Joan's involvement in her AP chemistry class leads to the purchase of a car for her brother, and to the resolution of an arson.

Kimmentary: I really like this show. I think I'm going to keep with it. I was very happy that Kevin (wheelchair-boy) became less whiny. It was cool that he is finally getting out and doing things again. I think he needs to realize that his parents weren't offering to buy him a car because they felt sorry for him and his pitiful state, but because they want him to become more independent, and they don't want to have to keep driving him everywhere. I thought the flirting between him and drive-through girl was cute, and also realistic. I completely empathize with the way he acted in turning her down. She didn't know he was paraplegic, and telling her straight up would have been awkward and uncomfortable. Because then you have the moment of silence and then the, "that's OK, I'd like to go out anyway" when you really know she's doing it out of pity. It's just a fact of life, but people in wheelchairs aren't normal people. We have to deal with feeling like half of a real person all the time. Well, maybe not all the time, but sometimes.

IV. Alias [spoilers below for last Sunday's episode]
Mini-summary: The Covenant kidnap a couple of CIA officers. They kill one, and offer an exchange for the other one -- Sark. Sydney & Co. go to Mexico for the exchange where they are ambushed by the NSC, and their CIA officer is lost again. Vaughn decides to join the agency again. SpyDaddy talks to and threatens Sloane and IM's SpyMommy about Sydney's disappearance. Oh yeah, the Russian diplomat that we observed Sydney killing in the surveillance video last week is Sark's biological father. Sydney threatens the NSC liaison in the men's room, and we get a new NSC person -- Michael Vaughn's wife.

Kimmentary: My main complaint is that this show is getting harder and harder on my suspension of disbelief. The entire shootout in Mexico was just silly. Oh, and if you can quit the CIA to teach high school French and rejoin with no questions asked two years later in real life, my name is Matilda. Oh yeah, my main disputation: The Lost Years Group. How in the world are there like a dozen agents with missing time problems all located in Los Angeles? Doesn't that seem a little bit weird? Also, the CIA doesn't have an agents killed plaque like that. They have one in Langley where a lot of times the names of the agents aren't even listed because they have to protect their cover. Also, since the CIA has been formed (after one of the world wars, I believe) there has only been about 38 agents killed in duty. It seems like JJ is killing them off left and right in this show.

I did really enjoy the snarkiness of Sydney this episode, especially her confrontation with Lindsey in the bathroom. That was classic Sydney. Also, loving the Sark. Hey, I just thought of something pretty funny. Wouldn't it be funny if Sark's first name was Noah? Noah Sark. Hehe. It goes without saying that SpyDaddy is rocking hard-core. Love him.