October 8th, 2003

California bear

About the Governator

Being Californian, I feel an obligation to comment on the recall election. I didn't vote (I couldn't get registered in time -- you actually have to have a California ID card or driver's license to register, and I couldn't get that in time) but my entire family did vote. Anyway, a lot of people are expressing disbelief that Arnold won. It didn't shock me.

Arnold's major competition was Cruz Bustamante. Being from California, I had the advantage of actually watching his commercials. And, Boy Howdy, did they ever suck. I mean, they did, a lot. The first thing that was annoying about them was how Cruz was lecturing in every commercial I saw. "I need your vote." Anyway, it was the way he said it, and it made him seem not only pompous and condescending, but also slow and unintelligent. Bustamante's commercials also featured many cross dissolve transitions, and it made me a little nauseous to watch. Arnold's commercials, on the other hand, were straightforward, had clean transitions, and were varied. He had about five different commercials, while Bustamante only had (I think) just two (it might have been only one) that were so identical it was like watching the same one over and over.

Commercials, in my opinion, were what a lot of the voters were basing their decisions on. And about the "groping" allegations, it is my understanding that Arnold was accused of groping someone's ankles and knees. That can barely be classified as groping, and definitely not as "assault" as some people were taking it to that level. Besides, our nation had no problem supporting Clinton, who did a lot more than just grope someone's knees, so it does not surprise me that these allegations were completely dismissed. I think that a lot of people were really tired of politicians, generally speaking. A lot of Arnold's campaign was based on the fact that he wouldn't do things the traditional political way (a.k.a. trading favors for money). That appealed to a lot of people, not just Republicans.

Anyway, I'm not scared that my state is going to be run by the Terminator coming up this November. I think that he deserves a chance, and the benefit of the doubt.