October 9th, 2003


Army of bouncing babies; target.com commercial

I just wanted to share some of my favorite little video clips, right now. So, that's what I'm going to do.

This first one is a 3-D animation that my friend and I made using a 3-D animation program. It is an army of bouncing babies with Super Mario Bros. theme music in the background. I find it therapeutic. Besides, what could be more fun than a dozen babies bouncing around? Download it here. [Windows media player format, 4.0MB]

This second one is a target.com/Virgin Pulse Electronics commercial. It features British guards dancing in formation. My sister, who has visited Buckingham Palace before, says that she wishes the guards did something like this. I just wish every commercial was like this. It doesn't matter what they are selling, if a commercial has dancing in it, I'm going to want to buy whatever it is. Heck, I almost wanted to get some Excedrin quick tabs because the guy in the commercial was HOT, and I haven't had a migraine in years. Anyway, here is the dancing British guards commercial. Download it here. [Windows media player format, 1.3MB]

TV update is in the works.
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TV: Everwood, Gilmore Girls, One Tree Hill, Smallville and Angel

I. Everwood. [Spoilers below for last Monday's episode]
Mini-summary: Delia gets a new babysitter who likes to boss everyone around, including Ephram and Andy. Ephram fires her, but Andy rehires her. Delia absolutely loves her, and I think she's a little too nosy for her own good. Doctors Abbott get into a little kerfluffe about acupuncture. Harold gives an amazing speech to the buck club (or whatever that is). Ephram does Amy a major disservice when she forgets to do her assignment about her own tragic flaw by giving her his paper to copy. And he takes off his wedding ring at the end.

Kimmentary: I LOVE Harold Abbott. I just love him so much. I think he is now my favorite character on the show. I really wish that Amy would have written her own paper, because she really doesn't act like she thinks she has any flaws at all. And, at this point, I would have to say her tragic flaw is navelgazing selfishness. I do not like her. I do not like her here or there; I do not like her anywhere. I have to admit that I was a little choked up when Andy finally took his wedding ring off. How awesome was Ephram's tragic flaw essay? I love him! I would have to say that his tragic flaw isn't really the inability to change, but his retarded crush on Amy. But, that's me. I sort of missed Edna this episode, but overall, but it was pretty lovely.

II. Gilmore Girls. [Spoilers below for last Tuesday's episode]
Mini-summary: Grandparents Gilmore commit a major faux pas when they buy $25,000 of furniture for Rory's dorm! Lorelai and Sookie decide to do some catering until their inn is up. Sookie has a nervous breakdown about becoming a mother. Rory experiences "shopping week" and her first official college party. Paris tries to show everyone the new Paris Gellar, by being more social. Grandpa Gilmore decides to go into a partnership with Digger Stiles.

Kimmentary: I don't really understand what the big deal was with the furniture. I guess we'll just have to say that gratitude is a concept completely lost on the Lorelais. I really loved Grandpa Gilmore this episode. Hehehe. Is it weird that an old guy can be so cute while being vindictive? It was really great seeing Madeleine and Louise, but I still don't understand why they were at Yale, for a party that has got to be one of the lamest television college parties I have ever seen. They probably would have had more fun at Connecticut State. Not that I'm complaining that they were there.

III. One Tree Hill. [Spoilers below for last Tuesday's episode]
Mini-summary: The basketball players all try to force Tristan (Lucas) off of the team by playing lots of jokes on him. Jerkwad (Nathan) seeks out Tristan's best friend (Haley) for some "tutoring." Swimfan (Peyton) gets an opportunity to draw for the Tree Hill Underground newspaper. Her best friend (whom I really like) tries to snag Tristan. Tristan's mom reluctantly joins the booster club, after she calls President Booster names.

Kimmentary: I think the best part of this episode was the hazing involving stealing Tristan's clothes. That's probably the one good thing that Jerkwad has done so far. I hate a lot of these characters. The characters in my hate camp are: Jerkwad, Daddy Jerkwad, Tristan's mom, and Swimfan. The characters in my neutral camp are: Haley, Coach Whitey. The characters I really like are: Tristan, Keith (Tristan's uncle), Swimfan's best friend, and that one nice basketball player (I think his name might be Larry). It might be surprising that Tristan's mom made the hate camp cut. I just don't like her. She is so freaking petty that I want to scratch her face off. Also, I don't understand the timeline. So, Tristan's mom and Daddy Jerkwad got pregnant toward the end of high school. Yet, Tristan and Jerkwad seem to be the same age. Did Daddy Jerkwad impregnate some other woman at the same time? What's up with this? I wish I could figure it out. I also wish I could figure out why sometimes Jerkwad looks really hot, and other times completely not at all. It's enigmatic.

IV. Smallville. [Spoilers below for yesterday's episode]
Mini-summary: Jonathan and Clark wrastle in what appears to be the basement of the Luthor Corp building. Jonathan finally bringing Clark home before the main credits! Lex comes back and threatens his father with a gun! Clark does the apology thing to his parents and Lana and Chloe. Who knows where Pete is. Lex decides to give Helen a second chance, but she completely blows it! It turns out that she was totally trying to kill Lex. She either parachutes to safety, or gets blown out the airplane to her doom. They weren't really clear about what happened to her. Lex decides to buy the Kent's farm and let them have it.

Kimmentary: I hate Lana. Jonathan Kent is also pretty lame, but much more tolerable this episode for some reason. I was just wondering something: does Clark need kryptonite in order to get his haircut? Because, his hair is also indestructible, right? He needs to cut that hair. Less That 70's Show, more 21st-century sci-fi show. Speaking of hair, I'm really glad Chloe changed hers. I can almost look at her without wincing, now! Yay! I thought it was pretty retarded of Clark to cut his arm in front of Rutger Hauer (I mean, Morgan Edge). But, go Lana! Kill the bad guy with a pitchfork!

V. Angel. [Spoilers below for yesterday's episode]
Mini-summary: Spike is back! Except, he's a ghost. He spends the entire episode haunting Angel. Angel spends the entire episode bent out of shape both by Spike and by a necromancer. Finally, a resolution is found when Angel kills the necromancer. Spike tries to resolve his issues by pleading with Fred for help.

Kimmentary: I'm just wondering something. Now that Angel is in charge of Wolfram and Hart, he can kill whatever humans he wants? Last week it was Mr. Wetwork Conviction, this week it was necromancer and his Alfred-like butler. That's not even mentioning Mr. Lackey Lawyer that Angel essentially sent to his doom. Killing people used to be bad. Now, it doesn't matter anymore. What's up with that?

VI. Random WB thoughts. [Spoilers below for Gilmore Girls, One Tree Hill, Smallville, and Angel]
I guess I kind of like the new WB theme nights. For instance, last Tuesday was Naked!Boys night: first with Marty (a.k.a. Japanese Fiction class with Rory boy), and then with Tristan and his basketballs. That was lovely theme to lace throughout Tuesday night. The theme for Wednesday night was: let's kill people, and, no, it doesn't bother us. First, Lana kills (essentially) Edge minion with a pitchfork, Helen kills the pilot with a gun, a bunch of people kill a bunch of other people at the dock on Smallville, then on Angel, Angel kills Alfred the butler with a spoon, the necromancer guy, and Lackey lawyer without getting broody once! Anyway, go WB!
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